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Thursday’s quote!

Who’s with me?!? I think we could all use more of these people in our lives!!



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Is it Friday yet…and TF#7


Anyone else feel like 2019 has been off to a rough start? Between 3 weeks of Bronchitis, getting slammed with a 500/month house payment increase  this year as a result of a mistake in our escrow last year (WTH?), and the never ending debt we have incurred due to moving to Florida (we didn’t get any relocation assistance and moving across country is crazy expensive), and ongoing vet bills for my Sammy (he had two bouts of cancer last year and I just found a couple possible more bumps), we just can’t seem to catch a break. I had hoped at my age I’d finally start to feel “comfortable” but nope…ah such is life. It’ll happen eventually, right?


Which is a perfect Segway in to my thankful post…because I do always TRY to look on the bright side. So here goes…

  1. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Yup, this girl that eats healthy 90% of the time has a secret weakness for bacon cheeseburgers. It is my favorite comfort food paired with crispy French fries and after the week I’ve been having, I treated myself to this amazing indulgence today at lunch and had no regrets. Ok, I regretted it a little after I started to fall in to a carb coma an hour after eating it, but hey…it was worth it.
  2. Hot showers/running water. After a long day at work I love to take a hot shower and destress. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I sing, and sometimes I just shut my mind off.
  3. Rest days. My legs aren’t quite as sore today, but that good ole right knee that gives me constant issues still isn’t happy with me.
  4. Friends that check on you when you are quiet. These friends are the best, because they can hear you even when you aren’t talking. They just know.
  5. Rain. We had quite the storm roll in at around 3 am this morning and while I am not thankful for the early morning wake up call, our grass looks greener already.

How has your year started out? What is your greatest weakness in regards to food? Thanks for all of your likes, comments and shares. I love this amazing community!



Three things, Thursday

Three Things Thursday

1. I’ve managed to start running again after missing a couple runs last week.  My outdoor run on Tuesday was quickly kaboshed with drama at home, but I got a 5K done on the dreadmill regardless.  I also learned that running while emotional/crying is NOT easy.  Mad running is much more enjoyable because the anger melts away.  Sadness?  Well, it sticks around longer with me unfortunately.  Wednesday was a new day, thankfully and I shared a gloriously sunny and windy 4 miler OUTSIDE after work with my hubby. 


2. Remember me telling you that I was prescribed sleeping pills and that they worked?  I lied.  By Tuesday I felt completely medicine heady, and was not sleeping again.  NOT sleeping WHILE taking sleeping pills isn’t a pretty site.  Yesterday I was near tears I was so tired so I skipped my nightly dose and decided being tired was much better than feeling drugged AND tired. Someone pass me a caffeinated beverage….please. 

pretty much...
pretty much…

3. I haven’t cooked ONCE this week.  I haven’t felt like it, to be honest.  Ack.  I need to get back at it because I haven’t cataloged a recipe in weeks, and that’s bad. 

Despite an off week, I am trying to keep a positive mantra.  Spring is on it’s way, and temps are rising outside!  YIPPEE!!

How’s your fitness this week?  How many hours do you normally sleep each night?  What’s your favorite mid week meal to prepare at home?

❤ Michelle

Three things, Thursday


It’s time for our Three Things Thursday post! 
We’re in week 3 of marathon training, and so far, so good…I’ve been using a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan and am admittedly happy that this weekend is a cut back week for my long run.  His plans have a progression of miles for 2 weeks, and then a slight cut back on the 3rd week.  This gives my weary legs time to rest which is exactly what this middle aged runner needs.  My knees have been a bit achy this week, and I’ve yet to determine if it’s the weather, or just the increasing mileage.  Regardless, I am thankful my long run is only 6 miles this weekend.  I haven’t decided if I’ll go back to the track, or try and knock it out on my treadmill.  We shall see!!!

Hal Higdon
Hal Higdon


I often hear people tell me that they don’t have time for this or that…”I don’t have time to run like you,” is probably the best one I’ve heard. We all have busy lives between work, family, maintaining a home etc.  But it’s a choice we EACH make to MAKE time, or make excuses.  I choose to make time for things that are important to ME.  Running happens to be one of those things.  I have no need for snarky comments on how I make the time, either.  Thank you very much. 🙂
This one is near and dear to me, as I don’t trust very many people with my heart.  Be it friends, family or coworkers, the people I chose to spend my time with are held very dear to my heart.  But sadly sometimes that trust is broken. And it hurts.  The snarky comments from people when you’ve repeatedly given of yourself, well, hurts.  I suppose no matter how hard you try, it never is enough for some.  So be it, right?  It’s all about movin’ forward.  THAT is something I’ve got no TIME for.  Ha!
Questions!  Do you use a training plan?  Do you hear snarky comments about how you make time for things, and if so how do you deal with them?  What are you thoughts on trust, and forgiving past hurts repeatedly?
Thanks, y’all!!
❤ Michelle
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What would Thursday be with out Three Things? TTT

Boring, right? Today’s three things are all in one way or another running related.

So here are my three things, in no particular order for the week.

1. I CAN DO THIS. No wait…I AM DOING THIS…I have started out week 1 of marathon #3 training quite well if I do say so myself.  I’ve worked out every day this week so far, and am feeling strong despite lack of sleep due to hubby travels again.  Is my endurance where I want it to be?  No way…but it’s week one, right?  3 shorter distance runs, 30 minutes of yoga, daily planks/pushups, with a 6 mile long run on deck for Saturday….I got this!!!  Positive thinking is in full force.  Step aside any negativity, please.

Pic credit:
Pic credit:

2. In regards to my last post about Treadmill tips, I enjoyed reading ALL of your ideas.  So today I decided to try watching the show “Chopped” on my Kindle and make the show into an interval session of sorts.  Yup…I can turn just about anything in to something that involves running, especially when I am in official training.  So it went a little like this.

My Kindle perfectly covered the screen of my treadmill!
My Kindle perfectly covered the screen of my treadmill!

While the four Chefs were introduced by Ted Allen I started slow, at about a 5.4 mph pace (keep in mind I kept the read out covered WITH my Kindle so these are only approximate speeds-in fact I am not concerned with speed this year, but that’s my next ‘thing’).  After he told the Chefs to open their baskets, I sped up just a little more-maybe to 5.8?…I held this pace while the Chefs cooked, until their two minute warning, where I sped up significantly running all out for those 2 minutes.  Once time was up for that round, I scaled the time back to my 5.4 mph-ish pace again and held that until the next round.   I repeated this sequence for all 3 courses and it worked GREAT.  I also had my friend Maria helping me out virtually, which I really can’t say enough about.  There’s just nothing better than supportive friends and family during training.

Yup.  No quitting here.
Yup. No quitting here.

3. Speed snobs.  There…I said it. I have always praised the running community and how welcomed I have felt since moving to this area almost 4 years ago.  But every now and then I catch myself succumbing to the speed snobs snide remarks or lack there of when I post a run on FB (for example).  I will never be a 7-8 minute miler, and am honestly happy with that fact.  In fact, I run for peace of mind, release of stress, AND because it’s a healthy exercise.  I have no need to go ‘balls to the walls’ for EVERY. SINGLE. RUN.  That is not peaceful for me.  There is no release in that type of running-for me.  But in the same breath, I applaud those who CAN run that fast and enjoy it at the same time.  I have never been one to judge another runner, or compare my pace or goals to anyone other than ME.  We aren’t all like that tho, are we?  So the slight sting I felt today was brushed off quickly and replaced with the other 99% of runners in my life, as well as family and friends.

Pic Credit:
Pic Credit:

Does positive talk come in to play during your training season? Have you ever made up your own “Interval training” program creatively with a TV show or music? How do you deal with the elitist type people who seem to put everyone else down?

Keep Movin’ forward, y’all!


❤ Michelle

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Three Things Thursday!

Ok, so my Three things Thursday post is going to go a little like this:

1. I’ve been at my current job for nearly 10 months now.  I’m finally settling in, feeling more comfortable, and really making connections with my staff, peers, and Pathology staff.  I’d been told a pay raise was in the works, as my annual merit raise was pennies since I was only with the hospital technically one quarter of last year (June 30th ends the fiscal year for our hospital).  Today when checking my pay stub, I saw that my raise kicked in and I smiled.  It’s not huge, but it made me feel really good that my hard work is recognized.  YAY. Every little bit counts!

Pic credit:
Pic credit:

2. Today marks the 2 week anniversary of my self mutilation – aka Christmas injury.  You can read about it here: I am happy to report that for the first time in 2 weeks, I was able to take a REAL shower without my uber bandaged thumb.  The wound is healing NICELY, I am able to cook again, and am looking forward to RUNNING next week!!!  Tonight is the first time I have a regular Band-Aid on the wound, but will probably add more padding when I leave the house-just for safety purposes.  It’s still very tender, hasn’t closed completely quite yet and is still very bruised.  But…it gets better every day, and soon I’ll be back it all with full force, despite lacking a slice of my digit LOL!!


3. We are currently experiencing Polar Vortex #2 with our 3rd day in a row of a crazy artic blast.  Temps have plummeted, schools closed, and winds are blowing at top speeds. I also just found out that I’ll be back on single Mom duty for the next month and a half while my husband travels off and on… SOOOO….What does that mean?

COMFORT FOOD!!!!  Here’s my take on a healthy beef stroganoff:

What you’ll need:

1 lb of beef chuck roast, cubed, and seasoned with kosher salt and pepper.  Place in a bowl, and sprinkle a 1/8 cup of flour (I used gluten free, Namaste brand-my fav!!) Set aside.

1 can of low fat golden mushroom soup/1 cup of low sodium beef stock.

1 white onion, diced

3 gloves of garlic, minced

2 cups of mushrooms, chopped (I used Shitake, but any brand will do)

2 tablespoons of low fat sour cream (add this at the VERY end)

4-5 splashes of Worcestershire  sauce

Thyme, chives, and parsley-pinch of each

1 cup of gluten free rice (or the rice/pasta of your choosing), cooked to package directions

Preheat your wide sauce pan with EVOO at medium to high heat. Cook your beef until golden on each side-do not cook through.  Remove from the pan, and drain the grease.  Add a touch more oil, and sauté your onions, garlic, and mushrooms for 5-7 minutes until tender.  Season with salt and pepper.

prep work!
prep work!

Add back in the beef, and increase the heat just a touch.  In a separate bowl, add the mushroom soup and stock and mix well.  Pour over your meat.  Add 4-5 splashes of Worcestershire  sauce.  Season by adding the Thyme, Parsley, and Chives.  Lower the heat and let simmer for 15 minutes (I use this time to cook my rice).  Add in the sour cream in the last 2 minutes, stir well and get ready to plate. Taste for seasoning, serve, and enjoy!!!

Fancy?  Nope..Yummy?  You bet!
Fancy? Nope..Yummy? You bet!


Time for 3 questions!!!

How do you handle recognition/raises at work?  Is it frigid where you live?  What’s your favorite comfort food?


Keep Movin’ forward, y’all!

❤ Michelle


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Throwback, Thursday and moving forward

I have been toying with this post for a while, but between my computer dying and lack of time I put it off…

I had read a post on one of my favorite blogs a while back… about whether or not you go back and delete old posts.  My initial response was, “No, my blog is a catalog of my journey.”  But tonight I decided to go back and read some old posts I had written since I started this blog back in 2011.  Wow…it was an eye opener to read some of my early writings shortly after I retired from the Air Force.  My initial blog was named “From blue, to jeans” but I’ve updated it to my current site in the last couple years.

Some of my posts were…well, sheer torture to read.  Was I really so down in the dumps all the time?  Was transitioning from the military, and being a single military wife for many months so hard?  Apparently, yes, it was from what I read… I whined…a lot.  Gah.  So I deleted several posts tonight, because that just isn’t the course I need to take anymore.  I’m sure I’ll go back and delete at least a few more.  For moving forward to me, is a journey filled with change, positivity and not dwelling on the past.  Sure, tough times are had by all…but I don’t need or want that sort of thing to be the premise of my writing.  I’ve worked hard this last year or so to literally delete negativity from my life, because I have the tendency to get sucked in to that frame of mind and in all honestly-I want to break that pattern.

So tonight, after what was the busiest day I’ve encountered at my not so new job, I came home, and ran…just an easy 3.3 miles, but I ran none the less.  I’ve lacked motivation these last few weeks coming off the Fox Valley half marathon with my hubby, but I know I’ve got a race coming up and I just can’t half ass it…it’s not in me to just wing it…My 11th half marathon in two weeks, the Naperville half marathon.

In doing so, I found my inspiration to finally write this post.  I thought back to 2007 when with only 8 weeks to train I signed up for my first half marathon, the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll half marathon.  Seven years ago, at this time I had hit a tough spot in life and decided to give my heart to distance running and I lost myself on the road.  I ran the entire race, which was my goal…and I finished in 2:19 (I believe?  how can I forget?)…I’ve ran 10 half marathons, but this one will always hold a special place in my heart.

My biggest fans after finishing my first half marathon in 2007!
My biggest fans after finishing my first half marathon in 2007!

I found myself there, on those 13.1 miles of streets, roads, and city sites…and although there have been bumps in the road, I now smile daily, and live to tell my story another day.



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Three things, Thursday…

1.  I haven’t ran in 6 days…after a wonderful weekend in Chicago this past weekend, I caught my death with who knows which strand of flu.  I felt it hit Monday night and it took it’s toll on my body, and my mental strength to say the least.  I have prided myself in my mental strength over the years not only in regards to running, but life in general as I’ve been hit with more than I’d wish on my worst enemy in my lifetime.  But Tuesday night after being sent home from work (NEVER happens) I cried.  I’ve worked so hard this summer training with my husband for his first half marathon, to not run for a WEEK is killer to the mind and soul.  Because if I don’t run, well, he doesn’t either…so I hope this doesn’t hurt HIM in our race next weekend.  We are going to run tomorrow, regardless of how I feel…I don’t want to let him down.

2.  I am in awe of the friends and family who reached out to me this week.  My immediate family, friends both near and far, and even coworkers texted to see if I needed anything.  I feel. so. loved. Additionally, I realized I need to stop chasing people who just don’t give a shit about me even if they are blood.  I’ve unfollowed several this week, and will continue to squelch negative energy from my life.  For I have so many blessings that surround me.  Chasing long lost hopes for relationships that used to exist is a waste of my blood, sweat, and tears.  Just because you were close to someone decades ago, doesn’t mean that relationship will last.  Move on. ‘Nuff said.

3.  Today marked the 13th anniversary of the September 11th bombings.  I never do very well on this day…I remember the call, the terror, and the sense of urgency that was felt while I was stationed at Scott Air Force Base, IL in 2001.  I remember working more hours than I can count that day as our blood donor center was activated.  I remember the buzz of the Humvees that circled the base’s perimeter.  I remember my friends and I huddled in my tiny trailer home, tightly snuggled on my couch, watching the news and people falling from the top of the towers.  I remember tears, pain, and a newfound love for my Air Force family.  We were bonded so closely, but this brought us even closer together.  Our lives, will never be the same, and if asked I could name every single person that sat with me on that grave evening.

This post has no pictures, gifs, or the like.

It’s simply a real post of ME, and all I have held close to me in my 41 years.

And it encompasses my mantra…#keepmovinforward

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Three things, Thursday

Three things Thursday
Training is coming along nicely for our half marathon.  It’s hard to believe in just over 3 weeks my hubby and I will be crossing the finish line of his first half marathon, and my 11th (I think-I really need to count up my races). Despite only running twice last week due to weather issues, we haven’t missed many training runs and we’ve gotten all of our long runs in.  Saturday will mark our last long run before we start to taper down, and we will be joining the Fox Valley crew for the 6th and last organized group training run.  We’ll still be running long of course, just not in an organized group. I am also volunteering again this year, and have taken on the co-director roll of volunteers.  This is no easy task, but rewarding none the less.  We even get cool director race bling. 

This is my happy place all summer we are at our 4th training run I believe.
This is my happy place all summer long…here we are at our 4th training run I believe.

Directors got THIS!  SHWEET!
Directors got THIS! SHWEET!

Time has a funny way of healing past hurts. I know, it’s a saying everyone’s heard, “Time heals all wounds,” but I am not sure it ever truly HEALS our wounds, more so it helps us learn how to deal with them and move forward.  I’ve always been one to forgive, but forgetting is something I’ve never mastered, nor do I really want to in all honestly.  For if you let history repeat itself, let that guy keep abusing you, let that friend keep hurting you, let that coworker keep bullying you-you have no one to blame but yourself.  I was the victim for quite a few years, and I didn’t like myself all that much back then, if I am being truly honest.  So with TIME…I’ve learned to forgive, but remember always the lessons learned from the hurts I’ve encountered in my life.
As it’s nearing Tapering time, I remember how tough of a time I had last year tapering during full marathon training.  I never get the full feeling of “taper madness” during half marathon training I assume from the obvious less mileage you put in during half marathon training.  It’s kinda nice to be honest…hehe  I am enjoying it while I can, as I know February will be here before I know it and full marathon training will begin for me again! 

LOL...I didn't get to run today due to storms.  "Honey, are you ok you seem grumpy today?"  I am fine.  LOL
LOL…I didn’t get to run today due to storms. “Honey, are you ok you seem grumpy today?” I am fine. LOL

Are you training for anything?  How’s it going for you?
Do you have tips on moving forward in regards to past hurts?
Taper madness-agree?

Three Things, Thursday

Three things, Thursday…
Sometimes we try really hard in life but just can’t seem to get one foot ahead of it all.  It all being issues that relate to our careers, our hobbies, fitness, relationships…well, all things LIFE related.  Right?  I used to be a pretty go with the flow type of person, but I have noticed that the last couple of years I have so much LESS patience when it comes to all things fake/lying/negative/mis-treatment of me or my friends/family.  What the heck am I talking about?  Bear with me here…I’ve been up since 2 a.m.  I will keep this sort of vague to protect feelings, but last night and today I found myself very HURT.  It seems, that you are truly often damned if you do/damned if you don’t.  Last night I ‘did’ and it slapped in the face like a hot dagger.  And it made me very sad.  So what did I do?  I called my Mom…because although we only talk once every few weeks or so, talking to your Mom makes everything better, even at the age of 41. 

Sometimes I feel this way...
Sometimes I feel this way…

Tonight after work, instead of going home and cooking a nice dinner I have to go to…THE DENTIST.  I loath the dentist, in fact, believe I woke up at 2 a.m. due to anxiety of said appointment.  My stomach hurts, I have a headache, and yeah…I get to have my teeth drilled on for almost 2 hours tonight.  Looks like I will be missing my Thursday run, and having that extra glass of wine tonight.  (We got back together, don’t judge-lol).

Thankfully my dentist looks NOTHING like this...
Thankfully my dentist looks NOTHING like this…

Despite my icky night and lack of sleep I still came to work with a smile.  I work with a pretty crazy group, and they make smiling so much easier every day.  We also ordered stuffed pretzles for lunch from a local place called “Gnarly Knots” along with soup and they were DELISH.  I chose a plain salted pretzle with French onion soup.  What’s not to smile about?

photo credit to
photo credit to

Do you ever feel like you’re hitting you head against the wall in regards to certain aspects of your life?
What medical appointment, if any, do you despise?
What makes you smile?