Three things, Thursday


It’s time for our Three Things Thursday post! 
We’re in week 3 of marathon training, and so far, so good…I’ve been using a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan and am admittedly happy that this weekend is a cut back week for my long run.  His plans have a progression of miles for 2 weeks, and then a slight cut back on the 3rd week.  This gives my weary legs time to rest which is exactly what this middle aged runner needs.  My knees have been a bit achy this week, and I’ve yet to determine if it’s the weather, or just the increasing mileage.  Regardless, I am thankful my long run is only 6 miles this weekend.  I haven’t decided if I’ll go back to the track, or try and knock it out on my treadmill.  We shall see!!!
Hal Higdon
Hal Higdon


I often hear people tell me that they don’t have time for this or that…”I don’t have time to run like you,” is probably the best one I’ve heard. We all have busy lives between work, family, maintaining a home etc.  But it’s a choice we EACH make to MAKE time, or make excuses.  I choose to make time for things that are important to ME.  Running happens to be one of those things.  I have no need for snarky comments on how I make the time, either.  Thank you very much. 🙂
This one is near and dear to me, as I don’t trust very many people with my heart.  Be it friends, family or coworkers, the people I chose to spend my time with are held very dear to my heart.  But sadly sometimes that trust is broken. And it hurts.  The snarky comments from people when you’ve repeatedly given of yourself, well, hurts.  I suppose no matter how hard you try, it never is enough for some.  So be it, right?  It’s all about movin’ forward.  THAT is something I’ve got no TIME for.  Ha!
Questions!  Do you use a training plan?  Do you hear snarky comments about how you make time for things, and if so how do you deal with them?  What are you thoughts on trust, and forgiving past hurts repeatedly?
Thanks, y’all!!
❤ Michelle

28 thoughts on “TTT”

  1. I almost always have a training plan. I love that it’s all planned out and I don’t have to think about it.
    I completely agree that you will make time for what’s important to you.


  2. Yay for week 3 of training! I hope as it warms up those little aches and pains go away for you.

    Boo to snarky comments. I dont give people like that a second of my time. I just cut folks out of my life and don’t look back.


  3. I always use a training plan. If I didn’t it would be hard to stay on track and the excuses would win out! Forgiving past hurts and learning to trust again is probably my biggest challenge in life. I think it’s a life-long process. I work hard on not dwelling in the past and letting hurtful things go. Life is too short to stay wrapped up in all that pain. Running and yoga help a lot with getting out of my head!


  4. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME post! I am in 100% agreement about making time to run, work out, etc.

    I have decided to sign up foe my first Marathon (the Naperville Marathon in November), and am still looking at training plans. Any advice? I will be running the Starved Rock Half in May, and am up to being able to run 14 miles without any walk breaks.

    Your blog is my daily inspiration! Thank you!
    ~ Jen


    1. Jen thank you SOOOOOOOO much. I ran the Naper half last year by the way!!!! I LOVE the Hal Higdon’s plans and have used them since 2007! My best advice is to focus on finishing your race, and having fun for your first marathon. Don’t worry about pace at ALL. Have you signed up for Naper yet? It’s a well run race, but maybe not the most exciting or scenic race. Fox Valley Marathon in Septemer is ran by the same Directors, and I help volunteer for it. It’s my favorite race, and they have organized FREE training runs all summer…just something to think about…<3 Holler if I can be of any help at all!


      1. Oooh! Thank you! 😀
        We haven’t signed up yet…so I will check out the Fox Valley and see if it fits our schedule. If not this year I will run it next year.
        I can guarantee that I will be picking your brain quite a bit in the coming months.

        I’m going to look up Hal Higdon plans tonight! 😀

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  5. You can never go wrong with one of Hal’s programs. I’m using his advanced program for my half in May and even with missing time because of my back I can tell it’s getting me where I want to be on race day. BTW, what marathon are you running?

    I’m the kind of person that trusts people a bit TOO much, and it comes back to haunt me too. But over the last couple of years I’ve found out what a difference it makes in dealing with those kinds of people when you have truly supportive people in your life. The support I get from my wife, my mom and my boys about my running just cancels all of that other stuff out. And maybe it’s partly getting older that I care less and less what people think! :–)


  6. Great post! I do follow a training plan designed by Michael Scott 🙂 And, yes I have had snarky/crabby comments directed at me…. And I just ignore! You are doing so awesome Michelle! I love your blog and spunky spirit!! 😍


  7. Don’t let snarky comments get to you – that’s just someone else projecting their insecurities on you. Their problem, not yours. And if someone wants to get snarky about how I make time to exercise or train? Thank you very much! I work really hard!

    I crafted a plan this spring off of the one I followed last fall with a training group. I looked at some other plans and took a few tid bits from those as well. I had to mish mash some plans together to make it fit my schedule.


  8. I used Hal Higdon’s novice plan for my first ever race (half marathon). I loved it!! At the time I started training I could only run 3 straight miles. I finished 7 weeks of his training plan and then had family sadness that I had to travel a bit for. But those 7 weeks got me thru my first half marathon!
    So excited for your full in Duluth! I have some family there and in Superior! I love that area!


  9. Yes, I use a training plan – I have a coach who writes one for me. That sounds a little pretentious but believe me it’s not. I am part of a squad and pay the coach probably less to write the program than it would cost to join a gym.

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  10. I sadly hear the snarky comments all the time be it home stuff, work stuff, or even choices I’ve made. I guess everyone has an opinion and I truly want to believe that their intentions aren’t bad but sometimes you never know I suppose. I’ve lost people’s trust and had to fight to earn it back as they’ve had to fight to earn mine back. If they’re extremly important to me I forgive. Because I want them in my life. Just my take. ❤️ Rest those knees pretty lady. Xoxo

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  11. I do get the comments about how someone doesn’t have time for that like I do because of x,y,z. It does frustrate me because suddenly I feel like maybe I am not doing enough with my life in order to have time for training in the first place. I’ve gotten better and I often use the sentence, “I’m the guardian of my time and this is one of the things I choose to spend it on so I am better with other ares of my life”. It helps me appreciate me!


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