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Sometimes a good workout is all you need.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!! I hope you all had a fantastic day!! I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling with my mental health lately mostly due to lack of workouts. So today I decide to push aside the tired/sinus/long day reasons and just do it. I did a run walk interval, core and my plank and feel better for it.

How do you push through the tough times? #keepmovinforward



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Hey everyone! It was a pretty crappy week last week. Work/personal stress + still suffering from this cold sort of did me in.

But thankfully we had today off from work, and my hubby took me on a lunch date. We went to a place called On Swann in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa Fl. It was such a lovely place and we enjoyed some drinks and delicious and light food. It was just lovely. We finished the day with some window shopping and I even landed a few items for 30% off.

How was your Friday? Any fun plans this weekend?



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Throwback Thursday

I started long distance running back in 2007, but have been running since my track days in junior high and high school – 35 plus years. Running has always been my therapy, so the lack of running has started to affect my mental and physical health here lately. I’ve been fighting some demons I thought I let go for some reason, so wanted to share a throwback picture of one of my strongest half marathons in Chicago IL, 9 years ago.

I miss feeling this strong-and pray I can get back to this place someday. Can anyone relate?