moving forward

I miss the woods

Growing up I always loved being in the woods. The same goes for when we lived in Illinois. I’ve missed the freeing escape I would feel every time I visited the great outdoors. So we’ve started visiting some of our local State Parks. Today we hiked 4 miles and it was just what I needed.

moving forward

Comfort food

Sometimes after a long week, a nice bowl of comfort food does the trick. I picked up this yummy pasta when visiting my parents last month and paired it with my homemade red sauce and ground Turkey. Delish!!

I don’t eat a ton of carbs/pasta, because at my age even looking at carbs makes me gain weight. But every now and then it’s a fun treat. And I only ate half the bowl lol.

Happy Friday!!!

moving forward

I once believed…

And still do sometimes, that I am difficult to love. Maybe it’s because I’ve allowed a lot of difficult people into my life, and maybe it’s because I’ve just been though some difficult times. Really, who hasn’t?

Today, admittedly only because I got the email alert that my inbox was nearing capacity, I started cleaning out my Inbox. I found a reply from one of my blog posts back in 2015 that caught my eye.

It was a reply from my Dad, about a post I’d written stating I was difficult to love. He reminded me that while yes, I may be difficult, I’m not difficult to love. With tears in my eyes, and a smile on my face, I was suddenly thankful for being an e-mail hoarder.