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Honor to Serve

31 years ago today (welp, how is that possible) I left for basic training, a day that would change my life forever. 20 years of my life was spent on Active duty, and I’m proud to continue to serve our country as a military wife, and serve our Nation’s Veterans as an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Wishing you all a very Happy 4th of July weekend!! Despite the divide our country is faced with, I’m still so very proud to serve. 🇺🇸😘🙏🏻

moving forward

Beach day!!

I don’t sleep well, never really have, but menopause is really taking its toll on my “restfulness” if that’s even a thing.

The beach is the one place I can truly relax. So today we jumped at the opportunity to go, as the weather inland looked crappy. We missed the storms and soaked up the sun. If only every day could be a beach day.