Weekly Wrap up 3/13-First week down, ?? to go!

This marks the first week we’ve gotten through with my husband being gone.  Ok, tomorrow is technically one week, but who’s counting.
To say the week was hard, is an understatement.  With as much as my husband travels, I thought that this truly would be easier. But it’s not.  And more days than not last week I wondered how on earth I would get through this next year without him?
I don’t want to cook, don’t want to work out, don’t want to even watch the shows he and I watch together because honestly it just hurts.  I attempted Sunday supper last night to try and get back to our normal routine, and the emptiness of my husband’s chair made it painful to even eat.  We all feel his absence, and it’s hard to even put into words the raw ache I feel in my chest.
So here a few highlights of my week.
Does drinking wine alone make mean I have an issue?  LOL…The kids and the dog are in the house so it doesn’t count as drinking alone, right?  HA!
I worked out, ONCE last week.  And was sore for 2 days afterwards, LOL.  #outofshape
The girls and I got to Facetime with my hubby and it was GREAT.  We went out to eat to celebrate Saturday night. Ok, I just didn’t want to cook.
My youngest also got her first slide phone.  With the recent nanny issues, and my husband being gone, I just wanted to be able to communicate with her at all times.  Call it paranoia?  Normally I wouldn’t allow a cell phone until middle school, but I think this time my change of mind is warranted.
My hubby sent me a selfie of him and one of his troops.  LOVE!!
Well, my lunch break is up, so I better get back to work!!!  I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly wrap up!  Make sure to check them out!!!
How do you get back in to a routine after a traumatic event? What age did your kids get cell phones?
❤ Michelle

72 Comments on “Weekly Wrap up 3/13-First week down, ?? to go!

  1. I’m so glad you got to Facetime with your hubby already! I think you are completely right in getting your daughter a phone. As a high school teacher, I might not always agree with kiddos having phones at a young age but in this situation – DEFINITELY! xo

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  2. You deserve the wine, the dinner out and the new cell phone for your daughter! It sounds like those things definitely made it an easier week for you guys.


  3. I can’t remember if I’ve said this to you before, but my rule is that no matter what, as long as I get up in the morning and still make sure I shower and comb my hair, then I’ll be ok. So don’t worry about going out to dinner too much, or missing workouts…as long as your combing your hair! 🙂


  4. I bet it will take quite some time to get used to him being gone. And you never really will. You’ll find a new normal until he’s back. That is cool he can FT and send pics. I hope that continues!!!


  5. Congratulations on making it through a week! My piece of advice is to just keep moving forward, one minute, hour, day, week at a time. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, lean on your friends and family as much as you can, and know that you will make it. Might I also suggest starting a new tradition? Something that you and your daughters can share and look forward to together while your husband is away, instead of reminding yourself he’s not there by keeping to your “when he’s home” schedule. Not sure it will help, but maybe something to try. xoxo

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  6. My heart just aches for you! I can’t imagine how hard it is to go through life without your husband by your side. You are STRONG. He is strong and is doing so much good! You got this! Don’t beat yourself up over not working out and have that glass of wine!


  7. My daughter was in 2nd or 3rd grade I think when we got her one. She insisted on riding her bike alone to school, which was about 3/4 mile, and I wanted her to have a phone in case something happened on the way. And cheers to one week closer to when your hubby gets home!

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  8. Nope as long as the kids and dogs are there…..drink up! 🙂

    My age for a cell phone is 16….(as of right now)

    Yeah for modern technology!!

    Definitely worth a celebration dinner 😉

    1 workout is better than zero right…you got this!!

    Have a great week!

    Thinking of you!

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  9. Been thinking about you. Wine is good! One workout is good! Eating out is even better…no prep or dishes to go. Take time for yourself and take care of yourself (and girls too). I can’t relate or give advice but happy you are blogging about it. Hopefully that will help the process of him being away.

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  10. I’m glad you went easy on yourself and treated the girls. How great he’s been able to Facetime. That is priceless and I hope it continues. Hugs to you my friend!

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  11. I don’t even know what to say, I feel so bad for you as it must be really hard! You and your kiddos will get through somehow… together! And absolutely two thumbs up for the wine, eating out, and phone! Especially the phone! That way you can rest easy about knowing you’ll always be able to get in touch with your daughter! One word of advice though… teach her to always keep it charged and turned on. Those are two of my child’s biggest excuses of me not being able to reach him and it frustrates me to no end! (Ha! I’ll bet if I take it away for a week, he’ll re-think that, won’t he, lol)


  12. I can’t imagine having my husband away for such a long time. I love wine and have learned that a small drink is okay especially if you are under a lot of stress. *HUGS*

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  13. I’m sure the first wk was the hardest. I hope it get easier for you and the girls. You will get into a routine. How nice you got to FaceTime. And there is always wine to help. I always have a glass alone. Nothing wrong with that:)

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  14. One week down is one week sooner you’ll be back together. I cannot even fathom how hard it is for all of you. I hope it gets a little easier down the road, but it very well may not. Your glass of wine is fine and having piece of mind with being able to communicate with your daughter is worth it. Work out when and if you feel like it and go out to eat when you want. You just get through it any way you can. No rules, right? I say do whatever you need to. ❤️❤️❤️

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  15. You are amazing!! Strong!!
    Great post!! Love reading your entries. ✍🏻❤️📲
    Dinner looked so good!! Yum!
    A selfie of your love!! Yes!! 🙂
    You’re making it….of course..but still SO HARD. #keepgoing #daybyday #whateveryouneedtodo
    What a cute pic of your dtr & her phone! 🙂 Yes, agree…you’ll feel so much better.

    Thinking of you. 💟🙋🏻

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  16. No words will comfort what you are going through I would just say be as gentle with yourself as you would with your best buddie, your familiy is going through a huge transition and it SUCKETH! Some wise woman said once, keep moving forward (sound familiar?), just do what you can and remember you still have your daughters watching you and seeing you as a role model in how you react, we are human and it is ok to have emotions and be upset. My daughter started flying by herself when she was in 6th grade to visit her dad, it was time for a cell phone. If you feel that she needs it, then she does. Saying a prayer for you and your family…


  17. I’m not much a tech person, but when my husband was deployed, we face-timed almost every night. It’s definitely not the same as being in the same room, but it’s much better than just emailing, etc. I’m thinking/praying for you and your family, Michelle. One week down, you’re that much closer to Brian returning, right? 😉

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  18. I am so glad you were able to facetime with him this week. I’ve never had kids but I got my brother his first cell phone when he was around 14, this was the early 2000’s so he was the only one of his friends with a phone but I was tired of having no idea where he was! That phone will be a great comfort to you both.


  19. You and your husband are adorable ❤
    P.S. I hope drinking alone isn't bad because I do it all the time!! Haha…no really, I'd say I have a glass of wine about every other night all by my lonesome while watching Netflix. It's so relaxing! Everything in moderation is my motto 😀

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  20. My heart goes out to you Michelle. Having never experienced something like this, it’s hard to know what to say that would begin to be helpful. I do know you are strong and you will find ways to make it easier. I would want to be able to keep in contact with my child too. I think it’s fine to give her the phone. Have you thought about eating at a different table or location in the house? Heck, even in front of the TV? Thanks for linking.

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  21. Hey, one down means one less you have to get through! Facetime and Skype are magical–they are truly ones of the best inventions for modern long distance relationships. My now husband and I skyped every day when we were long distance.

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  22. Feel for ya! I am glad you were able to Facetime, that probably really helps having that technology!
    I am sure the first few weeks will be the hardest, but eventually you can start counting it down and he’ll be home before you know it, meanwhile hang in there those cute kids of yours will get you through it!


  23. One week down lady, and one week sooner til you see your love again! While it is hard to imagine what all your going through, I somewhat can relate as yesterday we laid my sweet grandmother to rest. I know I will see her again I just don’t know when. You will find your way through this, be strong for your kiddos and I do hope this year flies for you! Thanks Michelle for continuing to link up, I think it is doing both of us good! 🙂

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