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Three things, Thursday

Three things Thursday
Training is coming along nicely for our half marathon.  It’s hard to believe in just over 3 weeks my hubby and I will be crossing the finish line of his first half marathon, and my 11th (I think-I really need to count up my races). Despite only running twice last week due to weather issues, we haven’t missed many training runs and we’ve gotten all of our long runs in.  Saturday will mark our last long run before we start to taper down, and we will be joining the Fox Valley crew for the 6th and last organized group training run.  We’ll still be running long of course, just not in an organized group. I am also volunteering again this year, and have taken on the co-director roll of volunteers.  This is no easy task, but rewarding none the less.  We even get cool director race bling. 
This is my happy place all summer we are at our 4th training run I believe.
This is my happy place all summer long…here we are at our 4th training run I believe.
Directors got THIS!  SHWEET!
Directors got THIS! SHWEET!
Time has a funny way of healing past hurts. I know, it’s a saying everyone’s heard, “Time heals all wounds,” but I am not sure it ever truly HEALS our wounds, more so it helps us learn how to deal with them and move forward.  I’ve always been one to forgive, but forgetting is something I’ve never mastered, nor do I really want to in all honestly.  For if you let history repeat itself, let that guy keep abusing you, let that friend keep hurting you, let that coworker keep bullying you-you have no one to blame but yourself.  I was the victim for quite a few years, and I didn’t like myself all that much back then, if I am being truly honest.  So with TIME…I’ve learned to forgive, but remember always the lessons learned from the hurts I’ve encountered in my life.
As it’s nearing Tapering time, I remember how tough of a time I had last year tapering during full marathon training.  I never get the full feeling of “taper madness” during half marathon training I assume from the obvious less mileage you put in during half marathon training.  It’s kinda nice to be honest…hehe  I am enjoying it while I can, as I know February will be here before I know it and full marathon training will begin for me again! 
LOL...I didn't get to run today due to storms.  "Honey, are you ok you seem grumpy today?"  I am fine.  LOL
LOL…I didn’t get to run today due to storms. “Honey, are you ok you seem grumpy today?” I am fine. LOL
Are you training for anything?  How’s it going for you?
Do you have tips on moving forward in regards to past hurts?
Taper madness-agree?