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I love sharing quotes, and want to make an effort to write more of my own. The best part is when I share something that touches someone’s life, or brightens their day.

Some may think it’s silly or a waste of time, but if I can touch one life, my heart is full.

Do you enjoy quotes? Have a favorite?

Cheers, Michelle

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Letting go of what weighs you down isn’t always easy…

Funny how we can have a million good things happening in our lives, but somehow the one or two bad things, people, or situations in our day to day lives, can seem to monopolize our brains. I’ve struggled with this lately, and have really been doing some healthy self talk (and maybe some silent cursing in my head) to try and work things out.

Tonight’s quote is inspired by these struggles. Enjoy.

How do you work through similar situations? Anyone else have those naggy demons in their heads? Have negative people near you that really drag you down?

Happy Friday, and Cheers!


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Racing well wishes!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. It’s been a year since I’ve done a half marathon and 5 years since I’ve done a full…but this quote was always something that hit home with me so I wanted to share it! Cheers and good luck!!

What’s your favorite distance to run? Are you racing this weekend?