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Is it Friday yet…and TF#7


Anyone else feel like 2019 has been off to a rough start? Between 3 weeks of Bronchitis, getting slammed with a 500/month house payment increase  this year as a result of a mistake in our escrow last year (WTH?), and the never ending debt we have incurred due to moving to Florida (we didn’t get any relocation assistance and moving across country is crazy expensive), and ongoing vet bills for my Sammy (he had two bouts of cancer last year and I just found a couple possible more bumps), we just can’t seem to catch a break. I had hoped at my age I’d finally start to feel “comfortable” but nope…ah such is life. It’ll happen eventually, right?


Which is a perfect Segway in to my thankful post…because I do always TRY to look on the bright side. So here goes…

  1. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Yup, this girl that eats healthy 90% of the time has a secret weakness for bacon cheeseburgers. It is my favorite comfort food paired with crispy French fries and after the week I’ve been having, I treated myself to this amazing indulgence today at lunch and had no regrets. Ok, I regretted it a little after I started to fall in to a carb coma an hour after eating it, but hey…it was worth it.
  2. Hot showers/running water. After a long day at work I love to take a hot shower and destress. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I sing, and sometimes I just shut my mind off.
  3. Rest days. My legs aren’t quite as sore today, but that good ole right knee that gives me constant issues still isn’t happy with me.
  4. Friends that check on you when you are quiet. These friends are the best, because they can hear you even when you aren’t talking. They just know.
  5. Rain. We had quite the storm roll in at around 3 am this morning and while I am not thankful for the early morning wake up call, our grass looks greener already.

How has your year started out? What is your greatest weakness in regards to food? Thanks for all of your likes, comments and shares. I love this amazing community!



8 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet…and TF#7”

  1. Ugh, we had the same issue with our escrow. It wasn’t a “mistake,” per se, but our rate was based on last year’s tax bill, per Vermont state law. Only the woman who previously lived in the house was on state assistance, so her tax bill was less than 1/3 of what the value actually is. We ended up with a 50% increase in our mortgage payment! I hope 2019 turns around for you right quick.

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  2. OMG, I’m LOL at the rain. It poured buckets yesterday (and obviously our grass, which is still mostly under snow, didn’t need that. It was just the cruel irony of a warm winter day and you still couldn’t get to enjoy it!

    I am sorry about the financial issues. We’re battling a few too, but it’s those unexpected ones that kill you.

    I am sorry about Sammy. I’m pretty sure that Gizmo has some sort of cancer in addition to the kidney failure, growths started popping up on him last year and just kept multiplying. He still has more good days than bad days, but there are also more bad days. 😦

    I have much to be grateful for too, and you better believe that I am. Trying to dwell more on the positive than the negative.

    Some day we hope to move, and my guess is it won’t be relocation due to a job. 😦

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  3. So sorry to hear about Sammy. And that really sucks about all the financial woes. I’m sorry you all are dealing with that. My future MIL always says, “every time in life when you finally have a little bit of $$ to spare, something’s gonna happen.” Yup. Pretty much. Sigh. We’re feeling it too, as we have a wedding this year to pay for, and then we’re gonna have to replace our roof soon, and our expenses have gone up this year since we got on a new cell phone plan. But in light of the current government situation, I’m honestly just grateful each day that we’re at least getting paychecks. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t get paid for a whole month. Ugh.

    I wouldn’t say my year has been off to a rough start, but marathon training is the big thing I have going on and things are just not going according to plan. Just when I was starting to get into a groove, we got dumped on by a huge snowstorm and now we’re entering a polar vortex – right now, as I type this, the temperature is -4 here and next week it’s going to be even colder. I know it’s not the end of the world to miss a bit of running but it’s getting frustrating and I feel so off track. They said we were supposed to have a MILD winter!

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