moving forward

Happy Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday!! Here’s tonight’s adventure.

I’m not one for selfies, but just had to capture a picture of my new hair. The last several years I have been through some “stuff” and between that and menopause, my hair was struggling. I started seeing someone new for my hair, and she’s nursing it back to health. No one said aging is easy, but it sure helps to have wonderful people in your corner that care.

moving forward

Comfort food

Sometimes after a long week, a nice bowl of comfort food does the trick. I picked up this yummy pasta when visiting my parents last month and paired it with my homemade red sauce and ground Turkey. Delish!!

I don’t eat a ton of carbs/pasta, because at my age even looking at carbs makes me gain weight. But every now and then it’s a fun treat. And I only ate half the bowl lol.

Happy Friday!!!