Tuesday Truth

Tuesdays and Treadmills, it’s a love hate thing.

Normally I love Tuesdays…it’s one day closer to hump day but this week has been an inward battle.  Between the weather, and knowing another week of training will be on the ‘mill, I had to dig deep. I’ve learned a lot this winter in regards to relationships.  It’s hard to hang close to people you… Continue reading Tuesdays and Treadmills, it’s a love hate thing.

Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Treadmill Tips!

I’ve seen several posts today about treadmill training tips.  One over at Marcia’s healthy slice, and one over at Taking the long way home.  This made me stop and think, and I am a hater of the mill.  But we have this sort of love/hate relationship you see… Yet still my descriptive terms for the ‘mill… Continue reading Tuesday Treadmill Tips!

Tuesday Truth

When is the last time you told the truth?

  I like to remain on the side of positivity and happiness.  The last few years I’ve made that my mantra, my goal, and my daily prophecy so to speak. But some days.  Days like today when the temps are plummeting and the skies are bleak, I catch myself lying.  I caveat this statement with… Continue reading When is the last time you told the truth?

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Time to be true-Two things…

    Ok, so I started last year at a pretty dark place, but managed to finish on a pretty high note with lofty yet achievable goals. Running, writing, and researching recipes are high on my list this year mixed in with some awesome photography…Right?  Um…so yeah…about that…   Then, I cut my thumb on Christmas day,… Continue reading Time to be true-Two things…