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My New Year’s Eve thoughts

I have always loved New Years. I love the thought of having a clean slate, a new start, an open book to start the year off.  In the last several years we’ve celebrated the New Year with our dear friends that live next door to us, and we will be doing the same, this year.

I don’t do resolutions, but more so set mini-goals for myself.  Last year I wanted to de-clutter my life, both in material items as well as spiritually.  I was tired of being weighed down, and I can honestly say in this last year while I haven’t purged as many material items  as I’d like , I have definitely let go of some internal and external demons I’d hung on to for far too long.  My second goal of running a sub-2 half marathon was ALMOST achieved, but I was 11 seconds too slow.  LOL, I can only laugh at it now.  I’ll get it, eventually.

This New  Year’s is a little different, however.  I finally admitted to myself, and my Mom last night via text, that I am dreading the New Year.  I suppose because it’s a reminder that my husband leaves in just a couple months, and that next New Years he won’t be here with us physically.  And I’ve never NOT celebrated the New year without him since we’ve been married.  And that breaks my heart, just a little more.

I do have an interview for a Nanny on Sunday, and the bonus is that she does light housekeeping.  I pray we like her, and that she likes us, because this would be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders despite the dent it’ll cause to my pocket book.

With that, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!!  Do you have goals or resolutions?  How do you celebrate?


Cheers! And remember, #keepmovinforward



Tuesday Truth

Tuesdays and Treadmills, it’s a love hate thing.

Normally I love Tuesdays…it’s one day closer to hump day but this week has been an inward battle.  Between the weather, and knowing another week of training will be on the ‘mill, I had to dig deep.

I’ve learned a lot this winter in regards to relationships.  It’s hard to hang close to people you don’t spend time with a lot.  BUT, that doesn’t mean you care about them any less.  At least in my book.

In all honestly I miss my running friends.  They’ve all remained tough and have ran outside ALL winter long.  I, well, have not.  So it’s hard to relate as we are all over the place.  My sleep has been less than stellar as it is most winters (and when my husband travels) so I have taken advantage of any extra sleep I can get, even if it means missing run club.  Why?  Am I not hard core enough?  Am I not dedicated enough?

A lot probably would say such things about me, and my running/training this go-round has been less than hard core.  And I understand…while my friends are in sub-zero temps running miles outside, I am indoors with a tank top and shorts running in the comfort of my own home with indoor facilities and all the entertainment I need….right?

Oh HECK NO…I would much rather be outside, but the thought of my hands/feet going so numb it actually hurts (Reynaud’s syndrome-self diagnosed as my Mom has it) to the point I can’t take it keeps me inside in temps below about 35 degrees.  So sorry, but I just can’t be sorry.  I am simply exhausted and doing the best I can on my own.  I know…insert the #poorme reference here.  Sorry…

But here’s a good image that describes how I feel running on the treadmill…

pretty much...
pretty much…

I can’t find my groove, I can’t have that feeling of bliss.  Ack…I am saying I can’t.

But I’m running.  I am working hard.  And it’s the hardest mental test I’ve given myself in quite some time.

Brooks Launch 2's are officially MINE!
Brooks Launch 2’s are officially MINE!
5K done in my new kicks tonight!
5K done in my new kicks tonight!

Running a marathon was almost easier than running 6 miles on the ‘mill last weekend.  If I have to do 8 miles on the mill this coming weekend, I may need to be pre-medicated.  Just saying.

With that, I bid you all goodnight.  Another sleepless night has left me feeling less than stellar, and I am praying for some beauty sleep.  Sometimes I just can’t turn the ‘ole noggin’ off.

Pretty much! Pic from Pinterest
Pretty much!
Pic from Pinterest

I ask, how do you deal with winter training?  What do you do when you try to engage in conversation but things are always one-sided? Any tips on a full nights sleep?

Sweet dreams, y’all!