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Tuesdays and Treadmills, it’s a love hate thing.

Normally I love Tuesdays…it’s one day closer to hump day but this week has been an inward battle.  Between the weather, and knowing another week of training will be on the ‘mill, I had to dig deep.

I’ve learned a lot this winter in regards to relationships.  It’s hard to hang close to people you don’t spend time with a lot.  BUT, that doesn’t mean you care about them any less.  At least in my book.

In all honestly I miss my running friends.  They’ve all remained tough and have ran outside ALL winter long.  I, well, have not.  So it’s hard to relate as we are all over the place.  My sleep has been less than stellar as it is most winters (and when my husband travels) so I have taken advantage of any extra sleep I can get, even if it means missing run club.  Why?  Am I not hard core enough?  Am I not dedicated enough?

A lot probably would say such things about me, and my running/training this go-round has been less than hard core.  And I understand…while my friends are in sub-zero temps running miles outside, I am indoors with a tank top and shorts running in the comfort of my own home with indoor facilities and all the entertainment I need….right?

Oh HECK NO…I would much rather be outside, but the thought of my hands/feet going so numb it actually hurts (Reynaud’s syndrome-self diagnosed as my Mom has it) to the point I can’t take it keeps me inside in temps below about 35 degrees.  So sorry, but I just can’t be sorry.  I am simply exhausted and doing the best I can on my own.  I know…insert the #poorme reference here.  Sorry…

But here’s a good image that describes how I feel running on the treadmill…

pretty much...
pretty much…

I can’t find my groove, I can’t have that feeling of bliss.  Ack…I am saying I can’t.

But I’m running.  I am working hard.  And it’s the hardest mental test I’ve given myself in quite some time.

Brooks Launch 2's are officially MINE!
Brooks Launch 2’s are officially MINE!
5K done in my new kicks tonight!
5K done in my new kicks tonight!

Running a marathon was almost easier than running 6 miles on the ‘mill last weekend.  If I have to do 8 miles on the mill this coming weekend, I may need to be pre-medicated.  Just saying.

With that, I bid you all goodnight.  Another sleepless night has left me feeling less than stellar, and I am praying for some beauty sleep.  Sometimes I just can’t turn the ‘ole noggin’ off.

Pretty much! Pic from Pinterest
Pretty much!
Pic from Pinterest

I ask, how do you deal with winter training?  What do you do when you try to engage in conversation but things are always one-sided? Any tips on a full nights sleep?

Sweet dreams, y’all!




27 thoughts on “Tuesdays and Treadmills, it’s a love hate thing.”

  1. I need some slumber tips as well. I don’t feel stressed (or maybe I’m in denial?), but my brain will not stop talking to itself either LOL And that dreadful “run-in-place-torture-device” (a new name for my ‘mill). UGH. I managed 5 miles on it last week, and prior to that I had never been able to go longer than 4 miles. I can do intervals (because they have short increments), but trying to actually do a “distance” is just not happening (very often). #mybad I am so glad spring is a few weeks away 🙂

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  2. The fact that you’re doing it on the treadmill shows your dedication! You don’t need to risk hurting yourself outdoors in the cold and ice. Although I don’t have the frigid temps to battle, when the weather is 95F and 100% humidity, you can best be sure you want catch us outside (unless it’s crack of dawn and I value the little sleep I get too) so don’t feel bad.

    Wishing you sleep… Seriously though, something happened after motherhood that makes me believe quality sleep is about as real as Santa Claus. :/

    Rock on sista!!!


  3. Please don’t apologize for not running outside or suggest that your outside friends are ‘more hardcore’ than you are. Yes the mill is hard. Yes, out in the cold is hard. Running is hard. One way or another you’re getting it done, so celebrate that! What anyone else does, is meaningless. End of story. Wishing you some long, deep sleep, my friend! xo

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  4. Yes indeed … treadmills are total murder Michelle lol. Just remember this one fact though all you frozen tundra dwellers will soon be enjoying late spring runs soon enough while we Florida will be the ones banished to the treadmills due to the wicked Florida heat ha! So how are you liking the Launches so far?

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  5. You my friend are hard core. You are a marathoner and not too many can say that. It seems like a lot cause of the company you keep 😉
    I am so very tired at the end of the day, my only sleepless nights were when I had baby duty. I have little advice except, I have heard that a handstand /headstand can help with sleepless issues. Worth a shot, right? ♡

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  6. The bottom line is you’re doing it! You’re getting up and running regardless. That’s something to be proud of, working full time, single parent duty, cook, housekeeper. Give yourself a pat on the back my friend. As far as one sided conversations at times? Sadly I don’t have many I talk to anymore because of many reasons. The ones I do have mean the world-you my friend mean the world to me. The trio and I are sending you love!


  7. Honestly you are totally and completely hardcore for continuing to run – be it on the treadmill or outside. As a fellow runner who also sticks to a treadmill in extreme weather, I will tell you that you are NO LESS of a runner for staying indoors. I’ve trained on a treadmill through cold weather and extremely hot/humid weather and guess what? You can still get faster and progress from doing different types of workouts on the treadmill! For me, it’s not worth going outside to risk injury (from slipping on the ice) or getting sick just to prove something. Miles are miles no matter where they are run!


  8. I’ve run on the tready last winter and this one. I just don’t feel like being COLD. You know, the bone-deep cold that takes forever to go away. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my BA status but then I recognize I’m still running and that is important. The ‘mill really builds mental stamina!


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