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Tuesday Treadmill Tips!

I’ve seen several posts today about treadmill training tips.  One over at Marcia’s healthy slice, and one over at Taking the long way home.  This made me stop and think, and I am a hater of the mill.  But we have this sort of love/hate relationship you see…
Yet still my descriptive terms for the ‘mill are as follows: Hate.  Loath.  Despise.  Sorry…til true.  I run to get outside of my head, be free, release stress among many other things.  Running in place on a hamster like wheel just doesn’t relieve any stress for me.
But after last winter of NOT running due to Polar Vortex madness here in in the Chicagoland area which thusly turned one once normally cheery Michelle in to a hot mess of depression – I decided to reconsider my feelings.
I started shortly before the holidays after giving myself a few weeks off after my half marathon in November.  I was only doing a couple miles at a time, but I was moving.
Then I had my forced rest period after cutting part of my thumb off (which has healed miraculously by the way-you’d never know I cut it!) and started back at it about a month ago….No bid deal as I wasn’t in official “training” status.
But now, here I am in week 1 of full marathon training, and the temps are a real feel of below 0 so it’s to the ‘mill I go…
So here are my tips to not pull your hair out while running on the ‘mill, in no particular order.
1.  Don’t try to beat any records if you aren’t a fan of the ‘mill.  Start out an an easy pace, and just let your legs do the work.
2.  Music.  A must have if you don’t have a TV available.
3.  Turn the music UP, and allow yourself to get as lost as you can in the music without falling off the back of the mill.  (yes, I’ve nearly done this a couple times)
4.  Keep your eyes open, and focus on your balance.  (see number 3)
5.  If you have a TV near by, catch up on shows, watch a movie, or good re-runs of your favorite show.
6.  Cover the read out with a towel.
7.  Don’t peek…I know…nearly impossible but TRY.
8.  Vary your speeds to break up the monotony.  I go all out for a song, then slow it down for a song, that keeps me from having to peek at the time/distance.
9.  Keep water or your hydrating liqiud of choice near by.  I am a fan of plain water or Nuun.
10. Feel free to “fly” while running on the ‘mill.  When I run outside and find myself running down a hill I always spread my arms and ‘fly’ with a full out WEEEEEEEEE to go with it.
11. Dancing is also recommended, but I encourage you to only do this while running at a slower pace.  (See note in number 3)
12. Phone a friend.  I text my friend Maria over at Running Flaps about an hour before my run.  She’s my virtual running buddy, and encourages me along the way.
My face says it all...lol
My face says it all…lol
So tonight I did my first official training run on the ‘mill.  I had 3 miles on deck and felt like I was stabbing myself in the eye by .5 miles in.  Lord help me if it doesn’t warm up soon, because no matter how many tips I post-I still loath the ‘mill.
How do you handle running indoors?  Any tips I am missing that you could pass on to me?
Keep Movin’ forward, y’all!
❤ Michelle

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Treadmill Tips!”

  1. I’ve never run on a treadmill but I think a stationary bike is pretty similar as far as boredom factor’s concerned. I always find that if I can get to ten minutes I can get to sixty. Those first ten minutes last forever. After that my brain is numb so I can keep going.

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  2. If my arms are flapping on the treadmill, it’s because I am either about to fall off or running into the front of it! Both of which I have done in public. 🙂 I admit to people watching too if I need a distraction. Like tonight, the man on the treadmill next to me was wearing jeans. Jeans!?


  3. Ha! I used to call it Duh’Mill, and think I offended a fair share of my followers….so I simply call it (with NO affection) the ‘Mill instead. I have never gone “farther” than 4 miles on that device…and by then I’m cross-eyed, hallucinating and mumbling non-coherent ramblings to myself. I do like doing speed intervals on it, though, in 1/4 mile increments mixed in with stair sprints (on my stairway). That I can handle, especially the final couple sets when I increase the speed to 7.0 (because the faster I go, the sooner I’m done). Also, I always set the incline to 3 or higher…..I figure the ‘Mill is already doing a lot of the work for me (it is forcing me to “keep up” with it rather than me doing it “on my own”), so by upping the incline I have a little bit of “gravity” to fight. Thanks for your tips! It’s always nice to see what other peeps do keep their sanity while “milling 🙂


  4. Great tips. This winter is the first time I’ve really used a treadmill on a regular basis, so I am needing any advice I can get. Anyway, I really like to use #1. My first mile on a treadmill is super slow as I progress from slow walking to running. It is a great way to ease into things. I should probably replicate this when I run outdoors!


  5. LOL, Michelle these are great! You touched on everything I could possibly think of. The main thing that helps me is the constant changing of speed. Even 5 minutes at one pace bores me to hell so I change it every minute or two…not by alot, just enough to keep me entertained 🙂


  6. Great tips, Michelle! I never thought about enlisting a supportive friend to send encouraging texts; that’s a creative and motivating idea. I will have to do that if I ever end up running more than 8 miles on a ‘mill (my current record–short, I know). One of my tips for surviving a run on the treadmill is listening to a funny audiobook. I’ve been listening to Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please” for the past couple of months, saving it for only my treadmill time. It really helps the time pass and distracts me from the boredom better than music alone.

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  7. Great post! I love the treadmill, I did an entire post dedicated to it a few weeks ago 🙂 My longest run has been 16 miles so far and I anticipate another long one with the way this winter is going! Don’t hate it, embrace it!! 😉

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