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I think I’ve figured it out…

I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes now, starting at the title of this post struggling to come up with something witty or catchy that will spark my readers attention.

But I’m drawing a blank.


I’ve read the last several of my posts. Man I sound like a broken record?  Yikes…

record spinning

My hubby is gone this week, so its my first week of figuring it all out on my own again.  Although I’ve done this several times as he has always traveled a lot for work and/or the Army, this time feels a little different.  I am doing my best to get us into a routine, so that when he leaves early spring, we will be at least physically prepared.  The mornings can be a mad rush, so laying clothes out the night before, preparing snacks/lunches, signing homework folders and checking off reading logs all get done the night prior.

This is SO me, except my kids are 9 and 16 LOL

Today I finally decided no more excuses, my sinus crap was gone and it’s time to get back to working out at least 3 times per week.  Last night I planked, and today did an interval workout on my treadmill followed by a 4 minute plank.  I think I might have even smiled afterwards as I looked in the mirror at my beet red face.  I was smiling, WHA?!?  No way!


I figure the stronger PHYSICALLY I feel, the better emotionally I will feel in the end, so my goal is to keep pushing, and get stronger.  I’ve lost 6 of the 9 lbs. I gained with marathon training last year, and my hubby even commented that I look like I am slimming down!  #winning all around.

Today, I didn’t cry.  Despite work drama, home stressors, you name it, I held it together.  #morewinning right?  I know my family is worried about me getting through this, but I am not the woman I was even just a few years ago.  I’ve grown, I like to think, in to a much stronger person.  And I’ve got many of you to thank for that strength.  You amazing support, kindness and friendships have truly added years to my life.  ❤

So here’s to  movin’ forward, right?

❤ Michelle

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Today I am linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for some good ‘ole Runfessions!  This is my first time participating, so sit back, and relax for my monthly confessional in regards to running and all it entails.


Winter has officially killed my love for running, temporarily I know, but enough to give me a heavy heart.  No matter how blessed I SHOULD feel for having a treadmill and access to indoor running, I found myself in tears again last night after my 2.5 miler on the ‘mill. Why is it so hard for me to enjoy a good dready run?  I’ll tell you…

Running is my escape from the real world.  I wouldn’t say I am running away from life.  On the contrary.  I am running towards a better me.  Because running outside allows me to clear my head, and leave the work stress, parental drama and chaos in general BEHIND me. 

Yet when I am running in the basement of my own home, on a hamster wheel treadmill with the dog clawing at the basement door or perched happily on the couch staring at me the entire time, I find it hard to ‘let go’ of all my stressors.  Oh, and the kids fighting upstairs usually can be heard around the block, so the basement is of little escape or solitude. 

BUT…I keep reminding myself that despite the snow and sub zero temps in the 7-day forecast spring IS on it’s way…



Oh…and my new Brooks Launch 2’s are the BOMB.  They feel like I am running on clouds, and I can’t wait to take them for an 8 mile spin on the indoor track tomorrow with my friend Janel!!  We haven’t ran together in ages, and this will be my first long run on the track!  Wish me luck!!


What runfessions do you have this month?  What is your longest run indoors?

Keep Movin’ Forward, y’all!!

❤ Michelle

Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Treadmill Tips!

I’ve seen several posts today about treadmill training tips.  One over at Marcia’s healthy slice, and one over at Taking the long way home.  This made me stop and think, and I am a hater of the mill.  But we have this sort of love/hate relationship you see…
Yet still my descriptive terms for the ‘mill are as follows: Hate.  Loath.  Despise.  Sorry…til true.  I run to get outside of my head, be free, release stress among many other things.  Running in place on a hamster like wheel just doesn’t relieve any stress for me.
But after last winter of NOT running due to Polar Vortex madness here in in the Chicagoland area which thusly turned one once normally cheery Michelle in to a hot mess of depression – I decided to reconsider my feelings.
I started shortly before the holidays after giving myself a few weeks off after my half marathon in November.  I was only doing a couple miles at a time, but I was moving.
Then I had my forced rest period after cutting part of my thumb off (which has healed miraculously by the way-you’d never know I cut it!) and started back at it about a month ago….No bid deal as I wasn’t in official “training” status.
But now, here I am in week 1 of full marathon training, and the temps are a real feel of below 0 so it’s to the ‘mill I go…
So here are my tips to not pull your hair out while running on the ‘mill, in no particular order.
1.  Don’t try to beat any records if you aren’t a fan of the ‘mill.  Start out an an easy pace, and just let your legs do the work.
2.  Music.  A must have if you don’t have a TV available.
3.  Turn the music UP, and allow yourself to get as lost as you can in the music without falling off the back of the mill.  (yes, I’ve nearly done this a couple times)
4.  Keep your eyes open, and focus on your balance.  (see number 3)
5.  If you have a TV near by, catch up on shows, watch a movie, or good re-runs of your favorite show.
6.  Cover the read out with a towel.
7.  Don’t peek…I know…nearly impossible but TRY.
8.  Vary your speeds to break up the monotony.  I go all out for a song, then slow it down for a song, that keeps me from having to peek at the time/distance.
9.  Keep water or your hydrating liqiud of choice near by.  I am a fan of plain water or Nuun.
10. Feel free to “fly” while running on the ‘mill.  When I run outside and find myself running down a hill I always spread my arms and ‘fly’ with a full out WEEEEEEEEE to go with it.
11. Dancing is also recommended, but I encourage you to only do this while running at a slower pace.  (See note in number 3)
12. Phone a friend.  I text my friend Maria over at Running Flaps about an hour before my run.  She’s my virtual running buddy, and encourages me along the way.
My face says it
My face says it all…lol
So tonight I did my first official training run on the ‘mill.  I had 3 miles on deck and felt like I was stabbing myself in the eye by .5 miles in.  Lord help me if it doesn’t warm up soon, because no matter how many tips I post-I still loath the ‘mill.
How do you handle running indoors?  Any tips I am missing that you could pass on to me?
Keep Movin’ forward, y’all!
❤ Michelle