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Beach Friday? Yes please!!

For the first time in weeks (maybe months) we were able to go to the beach. Lots of walking, swimming, shelling and relaxing made for a perfect Friday.

Here’s a few pics from our day.

My daughter and her boyfriend are visiting from the Chicagoland area which is where we moved here from, so we wanted to take them to our favorite St Pete beach, Pass-a-grille. Thankfully it’s one of very few that are free of red tide.

We finished out the day and had dinner at The Brass Monkey.

How was your Friday?



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Monday motivation

Happy Monday!!! I’ll be real, today’s workout was a struggle. Consistency hasn’t been my strong suit the last couple of months, but to be honest I’m totally ok with that fact because we’ve made some amazing memories.
My oldest daughter was here the end of May, we had friends visiting a couple weeks ago, it was my husbands birthday last weekend (and yes, we celebrate ALL weekend-would be all month if it were up to him lol) annnd my daughter comes back to visit TOMORROW!!! So I made sure despite the struggle to make time to workout.
120 sit-ups, 60 side bends each side, glutes, run/walk and my daily plank.
How was your day?! I’d love to hear about it. 👊🏻😘



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Letting go of what weighs you down isn’t always easy…

Funny how we can have a million good things happening in our lives, but somehow the one or two bad things, people, or situations in our day to day lives, can seem to monopolize our brains. I’ve struggled with this lately, and have really been doing some healthy self talk (and maybe some silent cursing in my head) to try and work things out.

Tonight’s quote is inspired by these struggles. Enjoy.

How do you work through similar situations? Anyone else have those naggy demons in their heads? Have negative people near you that really drag you down?

Happy Friday, and Cheers!


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Sparking joy

I was able to spend the day with my daughter today at the pool again. She’s always been obsessed with mermaids, so when she was able to use the mermaid tail at the pool today, she was elated. And to see an almost 15 year old smiling from ear to eat like a little kid, truly made my day. She told me it “sparked joy” in her life and it just warmed my heart.

I’m going to take a cue from her, and do more things that spark joy in my life, too.

Who’s with me?!



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Today was my first day out of the house in a over a week, and it was glorious. I’m still not 100% but feeling better. We decided to skip the beach as the St Pete beach coast line is filled with red tide and I didn’t want to aggravate my cold. We spent the day at the pool and then went to dinner with my daughter and my friend Kandice. I also took my daughter shopping and I have to say how nice it was to see people’s faces. I’ve really missed seeing the expressions on people’s faces. 🤩

How was your day?



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Down for the count

Well, I haven’t been sick for 2 1/2 years. I started feeling a little under the weather Thursday evening, and woke up yesterday with a head cold. I thought it was allergies/sinuses, but when it continued on through today I knew it must be an actual cold. Booh. The hubby and I had a date day/dinner date planned as our youngest daughter was going to a friend’s house, but unfortunately I wasn’t up to it.

So we watched Food network and movies, and ordered takeout instead.

Today’s view

How was your Saturday?



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Who knew what little I really need…

What little I truly NEED to get by…the last 10 weeks or so have been hard, but they’ve also given me a new sense of appreciation for my life. During the first 8 weeks, we truly played by the rules. No friends. No going out. No driveway “social distance” parties. Nada. We stayed home. My husband was the only one to go to the store, and other than us both having to go in to work a few times (we’re both teleworking now), home was where we stayed put.

Obviously we had to get creative with how we’d attack the upcoming weeks of “just us.”

We bought an above ground pool and spent the weekends in the sun.

We did several puzzles, despite my husband’s lack of excitement.

We played games, Monopoly being a favorite of ours.

We re-did our budget and have been dutifully paying off debt. The interest rate grace period was such a blessing for my student loans, which should be DONE in just a month or two.

We started walking after work almost daily, as its just too hot to run.

We binge watched several shows on Netflix, my favorite being “Schitt’s Creek.”

Sure, vacations were canceled, trips postponed, missed out on graduations (my Niece graduated COLLEGE!! So proud), my daughter’s 8th grade trips/ceremony were canceled, and have I mentioned my hair and nails look HORRIBLE…but that’s ok…LOL

I truly feel we are closer as a family. Bless my 13 year old for taking all of this like a champ. It’s been extremely hard for her not to see her friends and miss out on so much.

They’ve lifted stay at home orders here in Florida a couple of weeks ago. We did go to our local beach a couple of times (not touristy spots, very spread out and monitored by the Sherriff’s office), and we brought our large canopy tent and stayed far enough away from everyone. I will admit, leaving my neighborhood for the first time in WEEKS felt awesome. The beach is something I NEED. It truly takes away all of my stress and makes my soul happy.

Moving forward, we plan to continue social distancing but we’ll slowly entertain the idea of hanging out with friends.

So these are my take away thoughts from the last couple of months. How are you handling this “new normal” as they say? Anyone else really HATE wearing masks out in public? I know I sure miss seeing people smile. 😦





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Thursday thoughts!!

One thing I’ll say about Florida, is that the weather here has really slowed me down. When it’s humid like it was today, I find myself taking a lot more walk breaks than I ever would. But as I found myself getting frustrated, I reminded myself that so many can’t even run a single mile anymore, and that I should be thankful for each step I take. So my new thought process is, “I no longer care about the pace I run, as long as I’m getting it done.” I’ll forever be thankful for the supplements I take, Novo Renew, that have afforded me the ability to keep moving. Click HERE for more information, and make sure to use my code Michelle25 at check out to save!!!
Good thing for you Gasparilla runners this weekend:we’ve got a cold front coming through this weekend!!! Let me know if you’re running!!! I’ll cheer you on!

Are you currently training for anything? What is your favorite distance to run? Do you notice yourself slowing down as you age (or is it just me, haha!)?





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My #tbt goes back to 2013 when I crushed my goals for my second marathon. My first marathon was in 2012 and my knee gave up at mile 17 but I didn’t quit…I finished in 5:23. One year later and a lot of determination landed me with my current marathon PR of 4:25, and I even negative split the race meaning I ran the second half faster than the first half. It was one of my proudest moments and this picture captures the sheer happiness running brings to my life. (And I still wear that exact same visor…LOL! I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen apart!)


Thanks to Novo Renew I have hopes that one day I just may run another full marathon!!! Check HERE to learn more and use my code Michelle25 at check out to save.

Have you ever ran a full marathon? Do you have aching/sore joints and muscles? Remember, these supplements aren’t just for runners!!!



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Pi day miles

Woohoo it’s Friday eve! Thank goodness because my patience is wearing a little thin this week. My goal was to get 3.14 miles in for “Pi day” or is it “Pie” day? LOL, I have heard discussions of both on the talk show listen to on my way home, so I suppose why not celebrate both?!?

Unfortunately the temps got the best of me, and I was trying to push my speed a little since my knees are feeling so great since taking Novo Renew (<–check out the link). I ran the first mile in around 10:30 and the second mile in 10:14 (mind you it was a real feel of 88 degrees outside) and I could feel the sun beating down on me and decided I would cut it short by a mile. Let me tell you what, my knees really didn’t hurt at all. Sure, a little wiggle here and there, but heck I’ve been running for 30 years so that’s expected!


How was your day? Did you celebrate with Pie, or some Pi miles? Interested in learning more about an all natural way for pain relief in your knees/joints? Click HERE!!