Pi day miles

Woohoo it’s Friday eve! Thank goodness because my patience is wearing a little thin this week. My goal was to get 3.14 miles in for “Pi day” or is it “Pie” day? LOL, I have heard discussions of both on the talk show listen to on my way home, so I suppose why not celebrate both?!?

Unfortunately the temps got the best of me, and I was trying to push my speed a little since my knees are feeling so great since taking Novo Renew (<–check out the link). I ran the first mile in around 10:30 and the second mile in 10:14 (mind you it was a real feel of 88 degrees outside) and I could feel the sun beating down on me and decided I would cut it short by a mile. Let me tell you what, my knees really didn’t hurt at all. Sure, a little wiggle here and there, but heck I’ve been running for 30 years so that’s expected!


How was your day? Did you celebrate with Pie, or some Pi miles? Interested in learning more about an all natural way for pain relief in your knees/joints? Click HERE!!




11 Comments on “Pi day miles

  1. Great job on your miles!! I got a run in, but on my treadmill – getting out there tomorrow! 88 degrees?! Wow!?! I would have cut my run short too 🙂 Tomorrow it will be the warmest it has been around here yet at 63 – I can’t wait! 🙂

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  2. I celebrated with too much pie… there was pizza at the office, and then I made pizza for the kids and I for dinner! Thank goodness there’s no dessert pie. 😀


  3. I love the idea of Friday Eve. I’m holding onto that. Great job on your run. We did our last warm Florida run today and planned on doing 10 but walked after 9. I’ve got some work to do before summer arrives in Michigan.

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  4. No pie or pi miles. I was really looking forward to some springlike temps yesterday but still not feeling well (understatement) so no running either.

    Glad your knee is doing so well!

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  5. I did 3.5 but I was inside on a treadmill because there was a blizzard outside.

    I am going to look into Novo Renew now, I think.

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    • Stay warm!!! And please do. Make sure to use my code Michelle25 to save! I promise you won’t be sorry. I love it!! My 70 year old dad has gotten great relief from it and he’s had knee and hip replacements!!


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