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My #tbt goes back to 2013 when I crushed my goals for my second marathon. My first marathon was in 2012 and my knee gave up at mile 17 but I didn’t quit…I finished in 5:23. One year later and a lot of determination landed me with my current marathon PR of 4:25, and I even negative split the race meaning I ran the second half faster than the first half. It was one of my proudest moments and this picture captures the sheer happiness running brings to my life. (And I still wear that exact same visor…LOL! I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen apart!)


Thanks to Novo Renew I have hopes that one day I just may run another full marathon!!! Check HERE to learn more and use my code Michelle25 at check out to save.

Have you ever ran a full marathon? Do you have aching/sore joints and muscles? Remember, these supplements aren’t just for runners!!!



6 thoughts on “TBT”

  1. That is awesome! Way to go!! I have run some marathons – every one is different. Different days, different weather, different aches, different pains – I ran one with plantar fasciitis and an aching heel spur. Same thing – mile 17 I was hobbling, but finished. I have a couple of races ahead – hopefully they will be good runs like yours!

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  2. I have that visor, too, and love it! Congrats, even if it’s a TBT, to your amazing time improvement from your first to second marathon. To answer your question, I’ve run 40 marathons, but I’m currently retired from running that distance.

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    1. Wow!!! 40 marathons!!! Way to go!!! I’ve found it’s easier on the body to stick to the 13.1 distance and shorter. And to be honest I enjoy being able to have my weekends again after taking time off of running fulls.


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