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Today was my first day out of the house in a over a week, and it was glorious. I’m still not 100% but feeling better. We decided to skip the beach as the St Pete beach coast line is filled with red tide and I didn’t want to aggravate my cold. We spent the day at the pool and then went to dinner with my daughter and my friend Kandice. I also took my daughter shopping and I have to say how nice it was to see people’s faces. I’ve really missed seeing the expressions on people’s faces. 🤩

How was your day?



12 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. Your daughter seems to take your picture-taking well. Mine, if I so much as think about my camera when she’s in the room, makes one of those teenager faces.

    Good to hear you’re feeling better. That really seemed to kick your butt. O_o

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