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Thursday thoughts!!

One thing I’ll say about Florida, is that the weather here has really slowed me down. When it’s humid like it was today, I find myself taking a lot more walk breaks than I ever would. But as I found myself getting frustrated, I reminded myself that so many can’t even run a single mile anymore, and that I should be thankful for each step I take. So my new thought process is, “I no longer care about the pace I run, as long as I’m getting it done.” I’ll forever be thankful for the supplements I take, Novo Renew, that have afforded me the ability to keep moving. Click HERE for more information, and make sure to use my code Michelle25 at check out to save!!!
Good thing for you Gasparilla runners this weekend:we’ve got a cold front coming through this weekend!!! Let me know if you’re running!!! I’ll cheer you on!

Are you currently training for anything? What is your favorite distance to run? Do you notice yourself slowing down as you age (or is it just me, haha!)?





20 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts!!”

  1. I really like your new thought process! I might steal it haha. Running hasn’t been as fun for me lately as it used to be, and I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to my time and if I have to walk or not. Any advice on how to keep running fun or ways to change it up so I don’t dread every single run?

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  2. I haven’t slowed down — yet (well, some days are slower than others, and I’m slower than most to begin with) — but it’s inevitable at some point.

    Running in that heat & humidity — that’s super tough! And it makes you tough.

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