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Letting go of what weighs you down isn’t always easy…

Funny how we can have a million good things happening in our lives, but somehow the one or two bad things, people, or situations in our day to day lives, can seem to monopolize our brains. I’ve struggled with this lately, and have really been doing some healthy self talk (and maybe some silent cursing in my head) to try and work things out.

Tonight’s quote is inspired by these struggles. Enjoy.

How do you work through similar situations? Anyone else have those naggy demons in their heads? Have negative people near you that really drag you down?

Happy Friday, and Cheers!


22 thoughts on “Letting go of what weighs you down isn’t always easy…”

  1. I’m dealing with some things right now too. I go from being mad, to sad, and all the ranges in between (& all internally). I’m of no help, but I’ll say a pray for both of us. Xoxo


      1. Me too! I think of all the social media, blogging is the best. The people are real and most of the people I connect with are the uplifter type – or they are genuinely trying to be.💖

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  2. My mother was a very negative person, and she was making me depressed, 40 years ago. Len and I had to sit down and explain if it carried on, I would be seeing less of her. She was a very unhappy person

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  3. When I find myself hanging onto the negative in my life, I do try to consciously think of positive things that happened that day, even if they are little things….a child’s laugh, a pretty flower I saw, the sunrise or sunset, just the fact that I’m alive and able to get out of bed. Focusing on the positive really does help.

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      1. Sometimes it is hard to ignore the negative things, especially people if you have to interact with them or they are family. I find consciously saying to myself “They are not going to control my thoughts and make me feel bad today.” helps. Sounds simple, and it is. But it isn’t easy and takes time. Good luck.

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