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Monday motivation

Happy Monday!!! I’ll be real, today’s workout was a struggle. Consistency hasn’t been my strong suit the last couple of months, but to be honest I’m totally ok with that fact because we’ve made some amazing memories.
My oldest daughter was here the end of May, we had friends visiting a couple weeks ago, it was my husbands birthday last weekend (and yes, we celebrate ALL weekend-would be all month if it were up to him lol) annnd my daughter comes back to visit TOMORROW!!! So I made sure despite the struggle to make time to workout.
120 sit-ups, 60 side bends each side, glutes, run/walk and my daily plank.
How was your day?! I’d love to hear about it. 👊🏻😘



8 thoughts on “Monday motivation”

  1. Nice day! Glad you have been enjoying your family and making memories the last couple of months! I did a tempo run this morning, had my annual physical this afternoon, then came home and mowed my lawn. So my day was very busy.

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