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Weekly Wrap 10/31-11/6

Hey everyone!!  Last week was a bit of a blur and all for me, you know with the CUBS WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, sorry…I was just so excited to see our Cubbies bring it home.  Sammy enjoyed the series as well. 🙂


Overall my week was pretty good. I did my best to stick with my winter goals and felt pretty successful in my first week.

Highlights were my five mile run on Sunday after a very long weekend at work and the Cubbies winning!  Even better, my hubby texted me during the game. He and his guys woke up at 2:30 am to watch!!



Lowlights were my mini fell and hit got a pretty good sized goose egg.  Thankfully the swelling has gone down and she’s feeling much better.


Also, I’m still planking daily.  I haven’t missed a day since May 1st.  This week’s longest was 7 minutes, for the 7th game of the series, naturally…LOL


I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly wrap!  Please head over and check out these awesome ladies!


What was your highlight/lowlight last week? Did you watch the World Series?

Have a great week!




weekly wrap up

Weekly Wrap 10/10-10/16

Last week was a busy week but a good week overall. Today I am linking with Holly from hohoruns.blogspot.com and Tricia from misssippipiddlin.com  for the weekly wrap up.  I love this linkup, and the wonderful women behind it.  Even if I don’t have much to report, I love visiting their linkup.  Please check it out if you can.




I am proud to say I am still planking every day since my husband arrived in country. Tomorrow marks the 32nd week since he’s been gone, and I’ve planked daily since May 1st which is when he arrived in country.  I also made myself run last week, TWICE.  YAY.  While I still struggle with just a couple miles, I am happy to at least be doing more exercise.  My mental health has really been tested these last 7-8 months, and I just need to find time for me.

Here are the highlights from my week:

I finished staining my deck on Monday. It doesn’t look perfect, but with the harsh winter we’re due to have it’s at least protected.

Tuesday I celebrated my 2 year anniversary of trying out for MasterChef.  One of my proudest memories.

Wednesday we had some crazy storms but I caught this beautiful double rainbow from our administrative office window.


Thursday we were feeling pretty stressed.  This pic of my daughter says it all:

Yup...hiding under the desk. I joined her for a bit. LOL
Yup…hiding under the desk. I joined her for a bit. LOL



Friday night I babysat my neighbor’s 3 month old baby boy. Let me just tell you what an honor it was to give back to a family that has done so much for us while my husband has been deployed.  They’ve plowed my driveway last winter and mowed my 1.5 acre lot the entire time he’s been gone and at NO charge.  Like, who does that?!?!  These people…so when she asked if I could babysit I jumped at the chance.  This family not only said they’d be there for us over this last year, but they’ve shown it and it made my heart happy to snuggle with this little cutie for a few hours to show my appreciation so they could get out and have some adult time.



Saturday I was invited to a corn maze (Richardson’s corn maze) up in northern IL by my neighbor’s friends. What a blast.  We all brought food and cooked over a campfire, and then headed in to the maze.  It was dark…and I had a couple glasses of wine, but man was it fun!!  The kids had a blast too.



Sunday was my lazy day where I catch up on laundry, do some cooking for the week but mainly just relax. I had missed my goal of running 3 times last week (to be fair I made that goal mid-week, LOL) so last night I threw dinner in the oven and hopped on the treadmill for a couple miles.  #winning



What were the highlights of your week? Do you have any good casserole  or cook ahead for the week type recipes you’d like to share?  How many times per week do you try to exercise?


Have a great week, y’all!



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Going on 6 months…

Well gang, we are just about at the half way point of my husband’s deployment.  Sadly, keeping up with a career, a home, 2 kids, a dog, and everything in between has left little time for blogging.  But, I’m still here!!!  If you’ve been reading here lately, I’ve discussed that I am keeping the faith for a career change in the future and that hasn’t changed.  Nothing has transpired as of yet, but the magnetic pull I feel every single day that there IS something more is so strong I find it’s tangible.

I HAVE started running a little again, just a couple 2 milers last week, but it’s something.  I’ve also started cooking again, which makes my heart just happy.  Moving forward I am going to try a new recipe that will challenge my skills-every week-and I’ll highlight what I made for you as well as critique how the dish turned out. I’m a huge collector of cookbooks and cooking magazines, so it’ll be fun to try out some new recipes!  I figure it’s a good challenge for me, and it will keep me accountable here in blog land.  More to follow on that…

With that, I think I’ll just give you a snap shot of my week in pictures which include my beautiful daughters, (S is starting 5th grade and had band camp last week, and J is going to be a JUNIOR…sigh) some of the dishes I cooked, and a couple of my work outs.


I am linking up with Holly @https://hohoruns.blogspot.com and Tricia @http://www.misssippipiddlin.com (Will WordPress EVER let us link anymore?) for the weekly wrap.  Please make sure to check them out!  ❤


How was your week?  What is the longest distance you’ve ever been on your own with your kids (if you have them, dogs/cats count too!)?  Have you been cooking anything interesting lately?

Hope you are all doing well!  Cheers!



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Weekly wrap 5/16/16-5/22/16 and friends

While I didn’t get a whole lot of running in due to tweaking my knee early in the week, I am happy to report I managed to maintain my plank-a-day challenge, and finished up strong with a 4 minute plank tonight.  YAY!!!

I was supposed to be running a marathon today, if you remember I signed up for a full last fall before we knew my husband was deploying.  It stung just a touch seeing everyone post up their pictures today, but I had to remind myself that my time will come and that right now I am doing my best with my situation.

So here’s my week in pictures, with 2 very amazing friends, and lots of planking, LOL!

My friend Janel and I at dinner Monday night. Love the fact that she won’t let me hole up in my house!
Tuesday’s workout left me with a wonky knee for several days so decided to rest for a few days!
One of my favorite pics. Ever.
Wednesday was arms and planks!
Thursday didn’t have a lot of time, but managed to get my plank done!
Friday night before going out with my friend Andrea (from the poster above)
This amazing woman has texted me daily for the last 11 weeks, even if it’s just NNT (night night termite, LOL)
Got a selfie from the husband Saturday! SOOO nice to see his face!
Saturday we had a beautiful day so I planked outside, notice my photo bomber?
LOVE having fun with my kids!
Sunday’s plank and yummy “taco salad” after a wonderful day in the sun!

My last load of laundry is in the dryer, and I am ready to retire on the couch.  I am linking up with Tricia and Holly for the weekly wrap!


How was your week?  Are you still planking with us?  Here’s to almost 3 months of my husband’s deployment under our belts, and to a new week.  Tomorrow I will be honored to see my daughter perform her poem about deployment and military families.  Be sure to check it out if you missed it the other day!!

Have a great week, y’all!




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Weekly wrap 4/25-5/1

Well I swore I’d keep posting at least once a week, and even though I really contemplated posting that I’d be taking a break from the blog I decided to slap myself in the face and at least write SOMETHING.


Last week, I worked out….ONCE. Yup. Just once. Did I mention I have a half marathon (of which I originally signed up for the full) coming up in three weeks? #allthesuck


I just had too much on my plate. My work days equate to nearly 10 hours with my commute. Rushing home to pick up kids, go to my dental appt. Tuesday, my kids dental appts. Wednesday and getting my youngest to dance class on Thursday completely consumed the evening of last week, which is usually when I work out. The little bit of free time I had was spent cleaning, doing laundry, making lunches, paying bills and trying not to go nuts all in one breath. So Friday we went out for dinner to start our weekend right.  I did however spend the rest of my evening cleaning, but hey, what can you do?

My beauties
My beauties


I did decide to cut myself some slack and just have a FUN day with my girls on Saturday. My youngest and I ran errands and took the dog to the groomers while my oldest took her time getting ready (Seriously, HOW does it take TWO hours to shower and get ready??? LOL!!!!).

So handsome!
So handsome!

We picked her up, and headed out to see the movies. We saw The Jungle Book, and it was REALLY good. I was highly impressed with the special effects, and have been told the only “real” thing in the movie was the little boy. WOW! We then ate at one of our new favorite places in Geneva, Hache’. Our food was good, but sadly our service wasn’t on point. We chalked it up to “everyone has a bad day” and will definitely return. My youngest daughter came down before going to bed, and presented me with this.  Yes, we had a good cry…#allthefeels



Sunday I decided May is a new month, and I will be holding myself accountable by planking every day. No matter if it’s a minute or five minutes I will do my best each day. I’ll be posting my planks on my FB, so feel free to join in.


My youngest and I finished our puzzle, and we spent the most of Sunday relaxing and doing laundry.


I did bake some yummy trout!!! I simply seasoned with salt and pepper and a little extra virgin olive oil, and added shallots, garlic and lemons and dried basil. Wrap it up in parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.



Sunday evening we got our last call for a bit. It was an emotional call, and seeing my husband tear up nearly broke my heart. He has been so strong through all of this, and I suppose a part of me secretly needed to see that he missed us too. Two months down, 10 to go!!!



How was your week? Do you find it difficult to juggle all the things?

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap!  Please make sure to head on over and give these amazing ladies some love!