weekly wrap up

Weekly Wrap 10/10-10/16

Last week was a busy week but a good week overall. Today I am linking with Holly from hohoruns.blogspot.com and Tricia from misssippipiddlin.com  for the weekly wrap up.  I love this linkup, and the wonderful women behind it.  Even if I don’t have much to report, I love visiting their linkup.  Please check it out if you can.




I am proud to say I am still planking every day since my husband arrived in country. Tomorrow marks the 32nd week since he’s been gone, and I’ve planked daily since May 1st which is when he arrived in country.  I also made myself run last week, TWICE.  YAY.  While I still struggle with just a couple miles, I am happy to at least be doing more exercise.  My mental health has really been tested these last 7-8 months, and I just need to find time for me.

Here are the highlights from my week:

I finished staining my deck on Monday. It doesn’t look perfect, but with the harsh winter we’re due to have it’s at least protected.

Tuesday I celebrated my 2 year anniversary of trying out for MasterChef.  One of my proudest memories.

Wednesday we had some crazy storms but I caught this beautiful double rainbow from our administrative office window.


Thursday we were feeling pretty stressed.  This pic of my daughter says it all:

Yup...hiding under the desk. I joined her for a bit. LOL
Yup…hiding under the desk. I joined her for a bit. LOL



Friday night I babysat my neighbor’s 3 month old baby boy. Let me just tell you what an honor it was to give back to a family that has done so much for us while my husband has been deployed.  They’ve plowed my driveway last winter and mowed my 1.5 acre lot the entire time he’s been gone and at NO charge.  Like, who does that?!?!  These people…so when she asked if I could babysit I jumped at the chance.  This family not only said they’d be there for us over this last year, but they’ve shown it and it made my heart happy to snuggle with this little cutie for a few hours to show my appreciation so they could get out and have some adult time.



Saturday I was invited to a corn maze (Richardson’s corn maze) up in northern IL by my neighbor’s friends. What a blast.  We all brought food and cooked over a campfire, and then headed in to the maze.  It was dark…and I had a couple glasses of wine, but man was it fun!!  The kids had a blast too.



Sunday was my lazy day where I catch up on laundry, do some cooking for the week but mainly just relax. I had missed my goal of running 3 times last week (to be fair I made that goal mid-week, LOL) so last night I threw dinner in the oven and hopped on the treadmill for a couple miles.  #winning



What were the highlights of your week? Do you have any good casserole  or cook ahead for the week type recipes you’d like to share?  How many times per week do you try to exercise?


Have a great week, y’all!