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Weekly wrap up! 10 weeks down!

It’s time for the weekly wrap!!! My week was busy as per usual, but overall a really good week. We are 16 days in to our monthly plank-a-day challenge and my longest has been just over 4 minutes! It’s fun seeing so many pages doing fun challenges!

Here’s my run down…

Monday Ran 2.5 miles, planked 3:01

Tuesday Ran 2.25 miles, planked 3:13 and did my killer arm workout.

Wednesday planked 4:22

Thursday ran 1.1 miles, planked 2:02

Friday planked 3:11 and did my killer arm workout

Saturday planked 3:06 with my mine, and this was even AFTER her amazing dance recital!

Sunday planked 3:14 and did my killer arm workout

5.16.1 5.16.1mile 5.16.2 5.16miniplanker 5.16tast

LOVE this workout.
LOVE this workout.


Thursday we had band open house (she’s decided on the saxophone, YAY!) for my little one, who isn’t so little anymore.  I just finished registering her for 5th grade. This will be the last year I have an elementary school student. Cry. Did I mention my oldest will be taking her driver’s test within the next couple weeks? Double cry! LOL

too much cuteness here.
too much cuteness here.

Friday was dress rehearsal for her, so it was a mad rush to get home on time, get changed and her in full costume but we made it!

Saturday we had her recital, and she all of the girls were just amazing. She was sad her Daddy couldn’t make it, but he was with us in spirit.


So while my workouts aren’t the best in regards to length, I AM pleased I am really getting into a groove with my schedule. Tomorrow is the 10 week mark of my husband’s deployment, and I can happily say we’re a 5th of the way done! ❤

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How was your week? Do you plank?



Deployment thoughts, Sunday Supper, weekly wrap up

Weekly wrap 4/25-5/1

Well I swore I’d keep posting at least once a week, and even though I really contemplated posting that I’d be taking a break from the blog I decided to slap myself in the face and at least write SOMETHING.


Last week, I worked out….ONCE. Yup. Just once. Did I mention I have a half marathon (of which I originally signed up for the full) coming up in three weeks? #allthesuck


I just had too much on my plate. My work days equate to nearly 10 hours with my commute. Rushing home to pick up kids, go to my dental appt. Tuesday, my kids dental appts. Wednesday and getting my youngest to dance class on Thursday completely consumed the evening of last week, which is usually when I work out. The little bit of free time I had was spent cleaning, doing laundry, making lunches, paying bills and trying not to go nuts all in one breath. So Friday we went out for dinner to start our weekend right.  I did however spend the rest of my evening cleaning, but hey, what can you do?

My beauties
My beauties


I did decide to cut myself some slack and just have a FUN day with my girls on Saturday. My youngest and I ran errands and took the dog to the groomers while my oldest took her time getting ready (Seriously, HOW does it take TWO hours to shower and get ready??? LOL!!!!).

So handsome!
So handsome!

We picked her up, and headed out to see the movies. We saw The Jungle Book, and it was REALLY good. I was highly impressed with the special effects, and have been told the only “real” thing in the movie was the little boy. WOW! We then ate at one of our new favorite places in Geneva, Hache’. Our food was good, but sadly our service wasn’t on point. We chalked it up to “everyone has a bad day” and will definitely return. My youngest daughter came down before going to bed, and presented me with this.  Yes, we had a good cry…#allthefeels



Sunday I decided May is a new month, and I will be holding myself accountable by planking every day. No matter if it’s a minute or five minutes I will do my best each day. I’ll be posting my planks on my FB, so feel free to join in.


My youngest and I finished our puzzle, and we spent the most of Sunday relaxing and doing laundry.


I did bake some yummy trout!!! I simply seasoned with salt and pepper and a little extra virgin olive oil, and added shallots, garlic and lemons and dried basil. Wrap it up in parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.



Sunday evening we got our last call for a bit. It was an emotional call, and seeing my husband tear up nearly broke my heart. He has been so strong through all of this, and I suppose a part of me secretly needed to see that he missed us too. Two months down, 10 to go!!!



How was your week? Do you find it difficult to juggle all the things?

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