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What’s so wrong with celebrating Valentines Day?

So many call this a Hallmark Holiday, and sure, I suppose it is…..but what’s so wrong with having a day set aside to show some extra appreciation for your loved ones? More times than not, my husband and I are apart on Valentines day, so when are actually together I always try and do something small. A card, some chocolates, his favorite candy bar just to name a few.

This morning I woke up to this:

And it truly made my day.


Go tell someone you love them!! It doesn’t have to be a romantic interest! Just tell those you love them how much they mean to you! Life is to short to let a day go by without doing so, and what better day than Valentine’s Day!!





18 thoughts on “What’s so wrong with celebrating Valentines Day?”

  1. Three thoughts:
    – There is NEVER anything wrong with celebrating your love for someone. Valentines Day can be a lot of fun – we had a nice dinner out on Wednesday as our celebration.
    – To me the problem is the ‘arms race’ – the expectation that roses and chocolates are not enough, that an expensive dinner, jewelry, electronics and so on are needed to ‘show your love’. The backlash is related to the fact that it costs ZERO $ to tell/show someone you love them.
    – The ostentatious social media attention to Valentines Day … people making a huge deal about the appearance of happiness, only to end up divorced or broken up that same year. Saying you love someone on social media is not better than doing it in person.

    My wife and I hopped off the $$ train for Valentines Day years ago, but will still often do some little things for each other, but personally I’d rather do it NOT on the ‘designated day’ … but again, nothing wrong with however you choose to share and celebrate your love.

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  2. I like both yours and Michael’s approach to the day. I always love a holiday to look forward to so that I can share a little extra love with my family. It’s never anything big, but I like having a moment to stop and say, “Hey, I get an extra moment to show you how much I care.” As a mom, I had a blast today at our oldest child’s Valentine’s party at school. My husband and I both went and it was a fun time together. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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  3. I’m partial to it since it’s my birthday. I do get something for my husband, too, and you would think that might make it feel less special, but I don’t think so. It’s about love . . . not necessarily flowers & chocolates (although I like them just fine, too). I didn’t ask for anything, even though it’s my birthday. I think most of us do buy what we want these days, so gift giving is in a strange place.

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