Well, it finally hit me.  Exhaustion, sleep deprivation and mountains of emotional overload left me with nothing left in the tank this past weekend. 

Normally I run through the pain, be it emotional or physical, but this weekend I hit a wall.  My right foot was aching because I just HAD to wear those pretty shoes I bought at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago.  They of course had no arch support, so I was left with a very tender right arch.  Strike one


I haven’t slept well, well…in several years.  I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor last week, and when I told him my normal nights’ sleep, he nearly gasped.  He prescriped me some sleeping aids and I nearly hugged him.  I couldn’t keep functioning on 1 hour of sleep at a time.  So I took my first sleeping aid Friday night, and slept for NINE hours straight.  It was glorious.  I didn’t realize how tired I truly was, but the process was repeated Saturday night.  YAY for sleep!!!  So THIS is what people are talking about in regards to the saying “A good night sleep.”  WOW.  But with all that sleep, also came the realization how tired my body is.  After grocery shopping on Sunday, I was beat. I’m not sure if it was the Chiberian winds that decided to kick up, the 20 degree real feel temerature drop from the afternoon before, or my aching foot-but stick a fork in me, I was DONE.  So I skipped my long run, and took a nap on the couch instead.  Strike 2.  Sorry, just keeping it real here. 

Sadly this was ME for a very long time!!!
Sadly this was ME for a very long time!!!

I read so many blogs filled with PR’s and constant ‘good training weeks’ that I started to really question myself.  Am I the only one who is really struggling some days/weeks with training for a marathon while balancing the rest of my life? Not that I’d wish anyone to struggle, quite the contrary in fact.  I LOVE reading everyone’s success stories.  But it has sparked a little bit of doubt in my confidence being so early in to my training and already finding myself so tired…Strike 3.

Wait.  I’m not out…

After a quick slap to the noggin’ I reminded myself that a lot has been going on these last few months, and things will even out.  I got this!

True story...
True story…

So here’s to a new week, with more miles and lots of laughter!


How do you deal with training hiccups?  Have you ever missed a long run while training for a long distance race?


Have a great week, y’all!!  ❤



42 Comments on “Restarting

  1. I’m so glad to hear your daughter is going to be OK. That must have been so scary. I can’t imagine! Poor sleeping is It common for the women in my family {sigh} It’s OK to need and take a reboot. I’m guilty of reading everyone else’s accomplishments and second guessing what I’m doing. Let’s not do that anymore!


  2. I am happy the doctor helped you! I am a mess after a few nights of bad sleep, I can’t imagine feeling that way for years!

    And we must be reading different blogs, because a lot of the training recaps I am seeing are full of challenges and struggle! Distance running is not easy for everyone to balance. Believe me, if I didn’t work from home, I wouldn’t get the amount of training in that I do!

    I skip my long runs here and there when I am training! Especially in the summer! 🙂


  3. I just hit the reset button and don’t beat myself up over like in the past. It’s only a hiccup if you stop completely. Hang in there Michelle and I’m glad you found some sleeping solutions. That will work wonders for your training. xoxo 😉

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  4. First another big hallelujiah your daughter is going to be ok. Cannot even fathom that stress and worry. Gosh poor sleep seems to be rampant. The Caveman has always been a terrible sleeper. So glad you got something from your doc that’s helping. Training hiccup? I’ve been having one since oh about 2011. And I missed my long run this past weekend so you have company It is what it is. Part of the journey. I don’t take running that seriously anymore. Keep the faith though, it will all work out. Worrying about it is no help.


  5. I don’t know if you remember this, but the middle of my training cycle last summer/fall was ROUGH. I was burned out and I took a month off from “official marathon training” to regroup. (NOTE: I still ran a lot but my long runs were no more than a half marathon for awhile.) In the end, that break was what I really needed to re-energize myself for the rest of marathon training. It’s better to miss a few runs and enjoy what you’re doing than to hit every single run and feel completely drained of energy in other aspects of your life. So, my point is: YOU’VE GOT THIS!!


  6. I’ve had to restart entire training programs several times! And I’ve never completed a bout of training without some bad days – I think they’re part of the package! You’re doing great! 😀


  7. I think it is perfectly OK to rest and skip a long run if you have to and don’t beat yourself up about it. I realize that is easier said than done but just know you’re not the only one that doesn’t have perfect days. It’s your body giving you a signal to get that rest that it needs so listen to it!! And a lot of people only share with you what they want you to hear in the blogosphere. I have lots of days that I don’t feel like working out or running and if I’m not feeling it I won’t do it…or maybe I do sometimes but…afterwards…I’ll relax, rest and recharge, maybe skip some events if I have to, and usually will feel good after I do so!


  8. After not sleeomg for years and having the events youve dealt with the past week or so, you deserve a reset. Take a minute to regain yourself and your momentum and you’ll be back on track.


  9. I had to cut way back on my mileage in January as I was not getting enough sleep to cover the mileage I was running. I would wake up and not feel refreshed and drag through the day. Now, I feel a heck of a lot better. I think you’ll find out that “less is more” sometimes – even in running! 🙂


  10. 1 – You are not the only one struggling with training/PR’s etc…I get it! 2 – So glad you’ve are getting some good sleep! (I understand that too!. For me, I just have to focus on the current day and if I miss a run (like tonight because I’m beyond exhausted and sick) then I miss it. I’m not out for PR’s this spring but just out to get active and healthy for myself – those are good goals too!


  11. Channelling Elsa here: “Let it go…” don’t worry about it. You need to listen to your body or you’ll pay the price later. I’m lucky that I had those 2 weeks off work right after my son’s crisis. That really was timed well, wasn’t it? Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d be in the same boat as you. Hang in there, my friend, and keep moving forward.

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  12. Sometimes the body knows more than the head. At least that is what I am telling myself after my 17 mile weekend -12 long, 5 easy- turned into a 5 mile crawl and a nap. Life happens. 🙂 You’ve had a rough few weeks and you will get back on track!


  13. You are really smart to listen to your body. I can’t imagine what sustained lack of sleep has done to your poor little body. Now it can finally rest and catch up to your brain, and then you’ll be ready to go! Training for a marathon is no joke. I often say to my husband that I think I’m physically capable of running a marathon, it’s the training that I just can’t see myself committing to. Once you’re feeling rested, adjust the plan and get to it!


  14. Yep, I skipped my run this weekend too 😦 I’m determined to get it in this upcoming weekend. And I think we just have to be more generous with ourselves and remembering that there is so much more to life that sometimes other things (like rest!) need to be priorities and we’ll be better off in the long run.


  15. I realize im in high school but I pretty much have to just skip 1 day out of the week like every other 2 weeks i will do that just to catch up with all of the sleep ive lost. It’s really relieving I think and its just something smart to do once in awhile

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  16. So happy to hear you finallynhad a good nights sleep! I can’t imagine what you’ve been through lately compounded with lack of sleep.

    You’re absolutely right about confidence (and lack thereof) being contagious. I always try to look at things in a very positive (yet real) way. Some weeks are better than others but I always attempt to put a positive spin on it because there’s no room to dwell on less than happy thoughts. That just breeds more contempt and dissatisfaction. Winter is the reason (one of a few) that I am not running long distances. Yeah, I get caught up in my friends marathon training and feel I’m not doing enough, but in reality I’m quite happy where I’m at running minimally and cycling to fill in the blanks. Do what you can and try not to get caught up in the emotions of the folks around you. Just do what works for you. You have plenty of time until your marathon- just adjust as necessary and keep it fun 🙂


  17. I had one of those weeks last week. I was tired. Bone tired. So I took a couple of days off training. It was great to sleep in and let my body just recover. Feeling back on top of it this week and without guilt for having listened to my body.


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