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Things I am celebrating…

Sorry for my absence as of late. My days are filled with work, and I spend my evenings with my hubby as we are still getting used to being around one another. Any spare time has been spent with my family. Thus, the blog and my running have taken a back seat…that will hopefully change soon!!

Here’s what we’ve been up to!!!!!

In the last month we’ve eaten tons of amazing food at some very wonderful restaurants, taken an amazing family trip to Disney, and I am currently stepping outside of my comfort zone at my job (time will tell if anything pans out, but I am still celebrating that I had the courage to go for it anyhow!).

I’ve also been cooking a lot more, especially Sunday suppers and I just finished the super fun MasterClass series by Gordon Ramsay. I’ve gone through the instructional videos once, having re-watched the “how to break down a whole chicken” video a few times and attempted my first breakdown on Sunday with success. It wasn’t perfect, but I did it!!

Had a little help from my hubby!!

I have not, however, been running. I haven’t quite figured out where that is going to fit in my already busy day, and I need to figure it out pretty quickly as training for the Chicago Marathon will need to commence before I know it. I think once the weather warms up a little more, and we continue to get more day light, it’ll be a little easier to make the time after work.

How have you all been? Tell me something that’s new with you in the last month or so!!





33 thoughts on “Things I am celebrating…”

  1. Glad to hear life is going well! I haven’t been running much these days either. With lots going on, it’s just hard to find the motivation. I hope it comes back in time for Chitown training too – after all that money I spent and how excited I was to sign up, I want it to be a good experience! I think spring/summer weather will help – it’s so much easier to get out the door when we have more daylight and the weather is friendlier!

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  2. Hi!!

    So glad you all are adjusting well!

    A trip to Disney. ….how fun!

    My last month….the usual running around with the kids and their activities. Gymnastics wrapping up at the end if April and soccer for my son starts. Other than that, I have begun training for my 2nd triathlon (end of April). I have been MIA from the blog too but hope to make my way back soon.

    Thanks for checking in…glad you all are doing well.


  3. So glad that you are taking time to reconnect with your hubby! Take all the time you need, and enjoy. Running and everything else will still be there when you’re ready 🙂


  4. I think you will have plenty of time to train when the days are longer — I hope so anyway! Family does come first, and I can only imagine how it is to re-integrate like that. Can’t wait to hear what’s up with your job!

    Well, I did PR my half. Under difficult conditions. It made me very happy!

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      1. Oh that’s a relief. Not having raced but once last year I’ve found I lost my ability to know exactly when to start training for a particular distance. The Chicago Marathon is second weekend of October so I should be good as long as I build up my base line again.

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  5. Your Disney trip sounds awesome. I just signed up for my first BIG race – RnR Half in Vegas in November. I’m psyched. It will be my 28th. No marathons yet or maybe ever. Good luck training for yours.


    1. WOW!! 28 half marathons?!? You are awesome! Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate it a lot! My legs are pretty rusty, but praying I have what it takes to get through my 4th full!! I swore I’d never run another full, but, we all know how that goes, LOL!!


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