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Goals and self resetting

So I am realizing blogging on a regular basis without a laptop/computer is tough. That coupled with a few hiccups in life have led me to a lack of posting since January. WHA?! Yikes, I sure fell off the writing wagon, and quick.

With that, I’ll say I really want to start making more time for doing the things I love. Writing, cooking, running, and creating things in general. The book I am listening to, during my commute said that we need to write our goals down to help make them real. So there it is, in writing.

Ive committed to losing my post turning 45 weight (ok, it started at the age of 40 but who’s counting…) and am down 6-7 lbs give or take. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, I can feel a difference in inches which makes me happy. How am I doing it? A combo of intermittent fasting (fasting 18 hours with a 6 hour eating window), carb cycling, running/exercising 3 times per week has seemed to finally done the trick. While my weight loss has plateaued, my body fat and inches are steadily decreasing. #winning

We’re six months into our new Florida life, and I figure since I am making some big life changes, I might as well work on myself, too.

How do you balance your “things you love” and things you are required to do, you know…job, house, kids, hubby etc.?



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Two things…

So while most enjoy extended holiday breaks there was no rest for this weary chick. The alarm went off at O’dark 30 and I headed out to work. I was half asleep (as per usual) so didn’t notice the temps until I pulled into the parking lot and noticed the lady next to me getting all bundled up. What the heck was she doing!? This is Florida…it can’t be that cold, can it?

Yes. It can. It was 41 degrees as I stepped out of my Jeep. Brrrrrr. I had to dig out my winter coat from Alaska as my Chicago coat has gone MIA. Temps are going to continue to drop as the week goes on.

I’ve got the hubby on board with working out, at least for now. Since my toe is still extremely tender we did a modified circuit training workout.

I’ve also recommitted to watching my calorie intact and stayed on point until my daughter made white chocolate peppermint cookies. In my defense they were small and I only had two…I’m attempting intermittent fasting again, where I only eat in an 8 hour eating window. The cookie happened during that time so I’ll call it a win.

What are your goals for 2018? Does your spouse workout with you?

Happy Tuesday! Bear with me while I get back into this blogging thing. My goal is to share, inspire, motivate and have a place for me to share a little bit of my adventures with the world!