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Two things…

So while most enjoy extended holiday breaks there was no rest for this weary chick. The alarm went off at O’dark 30 and I headed out to work. I was half asleep (as per usual) so didn’t notice the temps until I pulled into the parking lot and noticed the lady next to me getting all bundled up. What the heck was she doing!? This is Florida…it can’t be that cold, can it?

Yes. It can. It was 41 degrees as I stepped out of my Jeep. Brrrrrr. I had to dig out my winter coat from Alaska as my Chicago coat has gone MIA. Temps are going to continue to drop as the week goes on.

I’ve got the hubby on board with working out, at least for now. Since my toe is still extremely tender we did a modified circuit training workout.

I’ve also recommitted to watching my calorie intact and stayed on point until my daughter made white chocolate peppermint cookies. In my defense they were small and I only had two…I’m attempting intermittent fasting again, where I only eat in an 8 hour eating window. The cookie happened during that time so I’ll call it a win.

What are your goals for 2018? Does your spouse workout with you?

Happy Tuesday! Bear with me while I get back into this blogging thing. My goal is to share, inspire, motivate and have a place for me to share a little bit of my adventures with the world!



20 thoughts on “Two things…”

  1. Happy New Year!!
    Cold……it was 10 feels like 2 degrees yesterday…..wind chills …brr!!!
    Someone has pissed mother nature off!!! They need to apologize!!!

    Still working in my goals but my word for the year is Intentional.

    I need to get back into blogging but just not feeling it now….maybe soon.

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  2. The cold weather has been crazy this week! I think I read that there were parts of Florida that may even get snow. I’m flying down to Orlando Saturday so hope the weather looks up a bit 🙂 Good luck staying warm in the meantime!

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  3. Looks like we got outta Florida just in time! Because a balmy 14 degrees in Chicago is so much nicer. Hahahaha! The Caveman and I do CrossFit together every weekend. We even ran once together in FL, but that’s highly unusual.

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  4. Poor Florida right now! My sister-in-law and husband took an impromptu road trip to warm up in Florida and sent pics of snow in Georgia today. Bummer! My husband and I used to run together until we had kids. But we both still run and workout and when you both do it, everything is so much easier. The encouragement and feeling of teamwork is the best support.

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  5. I like intermittent fasting but can’t make the window work. Not running until the evening sometimes pushes dinner to 7:30/8 and I get a little hangry if I don’t eat something before 12, haha. I keep trying to figure it out though. Good luck!


  6. I totally wish my husband would be more active. Or more mindful of what he puts in his mouth.

    FL can & does get cold; it just doesn’t last very long! I remember one march when we visited my Grandma and I was so determined to go back with a tan that I sat freezing on the beach!

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      1. Well, obviously he must stay pretty fit for his job, cause he sure doesn’t look heavy! High blood pressure runs in both my & my husband’s family — and he’s already on medication for it. So far I’m good; I’m pretty sure that’s because of exercise! Healthy eating probably doesn’t hurt, either.

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