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Goals and self resetting

So I am realizing blogging on a regular basis without a laptop/computer is tough. That coupled with a few hiccups in life have led me to a lack of posting since January. WHA?! Yikes, I sure fell off the writing wagon, and quick.

With that, I’ll say I really want to start making more time for doing the things I love. Writing, cooking, running, and creating things in general. The book I am listening to, during my commute said that we need to write our goals down to help make them real. So there it is, in writing.

Ive committed to losing my post turning 45 weight (ok, it started at the age of 40 but who’s counting…) and am down 6-7 lbs give or take. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, I can feel a difference in inches which makes me happy. How am I doing it? A combo of intermittent fasting (fasting 18 hours with a 6 hour eating window), carb cycling, running/exercising 3 times per week has seemed to finally done the trick. While my weight loss has plateaued, my body fat and inches are steadily decreasing. #winning

We’re six months into our new Florida life, and I figure since I am making some big life changes, I might as well work on myself, too.

How do you balance your “things you love” and things you are required to do, you know…job, house, kids, hubby etc.?



16 thoughts on “Goals and self resetting”

  1. I have been journaling one page a night in a little notebook since January 30th. It’s helping me stay accountable on my weight loss journey. It’s my “post Miami” wake-up, and one that I’ve needed for a while. I like that about writing down goals. You’re awesome by the way!

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  2. Way to go!!!

    I feel you on those over 40 lbs!!! I had to take a step back and really get my -ish together!!
    Since January I have done a round of whole 30, doing vegetarian for Lent , HIIT and Heavy lifting. I have lost almost 9 lbs (since Dec.), inches for sure and a decrease in body fat.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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