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Refocusing for the summer

My running has been on the back burner for the last month or so…it’s not because my wonky knees for once (thanks to Novo Renew)!!!! Click the link for more info and use my discount code Michelle 25 to save.

It’s because 1. I live in Florida, and Florida summers are brutal in regards to outdoor activities, and 2. Focusing on changing my career has been my top priority. I officially start my new job on Monday but have been transitioning in over the last week or so, learning things as I go.


And with this new job, means I need to actually look presentable in the morning. I’ve folded up my scrubs and they now reside in the back of my closet. Buying a business casual wardrobe is crazy expensive, and it will take me a while to have everything I need. But each pay day I buy one or two items, and eventually I won’t have to wear the same thing repeatedly in a two week time frame, LOL. Today I decided to sign up for Stitch Fix and can’t wait to get my first box next week. I was a little concerned about the prices I’ve heard others pay in the past, but saw you could choose less expensive price ranges, YAY!!!

What are you biggest challenges getting your workouts in during the summer? Have you ever used a styling service?




31 thoughts on “Refocusing for the summer”

  1. I am blessed because my main exercise is walking. I still get up early to walk while the weather is cooler. I am traveling, but I still plan to be up early to walk. It’s part of my healthy lifestyle.

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  2. I’m a walker and lot of it is done in the woods, so it’s not too oppressively hot in the summer on most days. in the winter, it can be a huge challenge for me as the temps and weather can be extreme, but I do it as I can. it’s good you’re focusing on your next chapter in your career arena, I think it’s important to not dilute what you’re doing until you regain your footing and then expand back out into your other activities. best of luck!

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  3. I like to shop, so I’ve never used a styling service but have heard great things about Stichfix. I’m lucky I don’t need business casual clothes!

    We happen to be really hot here at the moment. Thankfully for us it’s the exception, not the rule.

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  4. It’s hard to run in New England because it gets hot here, too. I try not to run outside if it’s higher than 85 degrees, but if it’s my only good day for that week, I’ll just do a mile (or two of my asthma isn’t acting up) to get out there.

    I feel ya about the business casual wardrobe! I started building mine when I had my internship at a marketing agency in college, the same one I ended up working for for two years post-grad. I’m really big into the colored pixie pants from Old Navy, and I get a lot of my dresses there, too.

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