I’ve lost it…

In the past several weeks, going on just over a month actually, I have lost my motivation to run.  Between the MasterChef gig, and ITB issues, running has been on the back burner in my life since my last half marathon in late September. 

So looking at the calendar with my last half marathon for 2014 steadily approaching NEXT weekend, I find myself terrified.

For the first time I am toying with a DNS (did not start) because I just have no motivation/desire to run this race.  I can’t believe I am saying those words but they couldn’t be more true.  My longest long run was last weekend with 9 miles ran at a super slow pace.

Pretty sure I will look a lot like this next Sunday...
Pretty sure I will look a lot like this next Sunday…


I paid for this race.  I committed to run this race.  So…I’ll run this race.  Lord willing at least…

The forecast is terrible, with cold temps and rain/ice on deck.

Someone…help me find my motivation, QUICK.  :-/

Help!  I lost it!
Help! I lost it!

How do you tackle lack of motivation in regards to running/racing?

❤ Michelle

21 thoughts on “I’ve lost it…”

  1. Hang in there Michelle!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel just stay the course. The last two years of my running following my debut marathon has been one big process of renewal. Try a change of venue or implement other forms of exercise that provide the same benefits as running. I break things up with spin classes. I have faith in you chica!!!

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  2. You always succeed in all you do. Just lace up and enjoy because once you get there it’ll be exciting as it always turns out to be!


  3. You’ll finish it – I’ve got no doubts about your ability. Just treat it as a fun run and take all the pressure for a goal away and you might find that you actually enjoy it.


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