Monday Real life adventures

Last week, was literally the week from HELL.  Work, well, was WORK…to say the least.  I won’t bore you all with the details, more so I don’t want to relive that week…let’s just say it tore me up, and left me with little left to move forward.

So Friday night I sat with a cocktail, literally drinking my cares away when I received a text from one of my dear running friends inviting me for a run Saturday morning.  CRAP, I had one too many cocktails so I quickly dumped it in the sink and started chugging water.  Thank goodness I make weak drinks, and for the cure all of good hydration.  I ran a nice easy 4 miles with some awesome women Saturday morning, and I thought, “GREAT” my day will be amazing. 

The hubby had reserve duty all weekend, so it was just me and the kids.  The day may have started out great, but 3 girls together isn’t always a good mix, and I had quite the blow out with my teenager.  NOT GOOD.  I yelled.  Then cried…then succumbed to the fact you cannot win with parenting a teen, as well as a 6 year old who is trying to follow in her big sister’s footsteps with attitude and drama.  BAH. 

I did end up cooking an amazing roast that was seasoned and seared to perfection, then roasted slowly in my crockpot with yummy veggies. 

Sunday is always a busy day, and getting the kids ready for church as well as making sure my running clothes were laid out for my long run immediately afterwards was a feat not easily accomplished.  But, got it done!  I also committed to being an ambassador for the Fort2base run, which I am totally stoked over!!!  More to follow on that!!

I met my two friends, Melissa and Janel for an 8 miler on Sunday.  It was JUST what I needed.  We had planned on running the streets, but when we saw the trails clear we jumped at the chance to run the Fox River Trails.  MY BLISS indeed.  The last quarter mile was literally HILLS, and I tackled it with all I had.  GREAT times.  Janel and I finished the run with a great breakfast at Mel’s, and the only thing missing was Melissa who had to get home to her family.  Running Mom’s truly amaze me, as they juggle so much between being a Mom, (career woman for me), and getting their runs in.  I struggled the last few days with jealousy of nearly 90% of my girl friends who don’t work outside of the home…but I realize we all have different lives, and different struggles.   I may not always get my runs in when I want to, but I get them done regardless. 

Monday’s are always hard for me, especially after a weekend with little to no sleep.  The alarm goes off at 0530 hrs, and I would give nearly anything to hit that snooze more than a dozen times.  I haven’t slept well lately, admittedly, yet I got myself up, dressed and ready for another work day.  I found myself yawning all afternoon, but instead of giving up, I gave IN to the fact that I NEEDED yet another run.  I was able to coordinate with my husband so he could get the kids and to their appts, so I could RUN.  I came home, changed, and was out the door as quick as possible.  I ran my BEST 5K to date at 27:54!  This is slow for many, but for me, it was SUPER speedy, and amazing all in one sentence. 

In the end, it’s where we find our peace.  I realize more and more as I get older that so very few understand me, or want to take the time to see what I am all about.   Yet life is about finding ourselves…the rest, is truly gravy. 

Not many will understand, but in the end knowing who you are is what matters. 

15 thoughts on “Monday Real life adventures”

  1. I've said it to my friends and I will say it to you…I am so glad I have boys. Lol. Seriously though any teen is not easy to deal with.And runs with friends are the best. Doesn't matter the pace. Just so nice to get out and run with them. Hope you have a better week this week 🙂


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