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Today I am linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for some good ‘ole Runfessions!  This is my first time participating, so sit back, and relax for my monthly confessional in regards to running and all it entails.


Winter has officially killed my love for running, temporarily I know, but enough to give me a heavy heart.  No matter how blessed I SHOULD feel for having a treadmill and access to indoor running, I found myself in tears again last night after my 2.5 miler on the ‘mill. Why is it so hard for me to enjoy a good dready run?  I’ll tell you…

Running is my escape from the real world.  I wouldn’t say I am running away from life.  On the contrary.  I am running towards a better me.  Because running outside allows me to clear my head, and leave the work stress, parental drama and chaos in general BEHIND me. 

Yet when I am running in the basement of my own home, on a hamster wheel treadmill with the dog clawing at the basement door or perched happily on the couch staring at me the entire time, I find it hard to ‘let go’ of all my stressors.  Oh, and the kids fighting upstairs usually can be heard around the block, so the basement is of little escape or solitude. 

BUT…I keep reminding myself that despite the snow and sub zero temps in the 7-day forecast spring IS on it’s way…



Oh…and my new Brooks Launch 2’s are the BOMB.  They feel like I am running on clouds, and I can’t wait to take them for an 8 mile spin on the indoor track tomorrow with my friend Janel!!  We haven’t ran together in ages, and this will be my first long run on the track!  Wish me luck!!


What runfessions do you have this month?  What is your longest run indoors?

Keep Movin’ Forward, y’all!!

❤ Michelle

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  1. I hope you love your indoor track run! Spring just HAS to be right around the corner, doesn’t it? Enough of this crap already. Thanks so much for linking up!


  2. Ohhhh what I’d give to have an indoor track to train on especially for speed intervals 🙂 my longest indoor run was 16 miles on the tready and no by choice but out of necessity lol 🙂 Hang in there Michelle spring is on the way for you xoxo and you winter is my summer so I’m sure to be feeling your emotions so enough so I hope you’ll bear with me ha!


  3. I understand your dread of the treadmill, being outside allows us to free ourselves from daily stress and focus on whatever we want. Enjoy your run this weekend, some of us will be looking on with jealousy knowing we can’t run right now (torn meniscus) but knowing we will run again.

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  4. I’m glad you mentioned the dog. Mine would sit on the back of the couch and stare at me and wag her tail (like a foot from the TM). That’s weird enough, but she has been known to jump on it, with me on it, and be flung across the room. It’s dangerous for both of us.

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  5. Ohhh Michelle, I feel your pain. I LOVE running outside and do not like running inside. It really ruins the fun openness that I get from running outside. I had some of the best runs of my life like 3-4 weeks ago and now snow snow everywhere!! Well, spring will be here before we know it and you should be SO proud of yourself for getting your runs in. You’re so dedicated and fantastic!! XOXO


  6. Where did you run indoors? Glad you enjoyed it, an indoor track is the lesser of two evils compared to a ‘mill! :–) I agree, the weather this last month (and some back issues) has just killed my motivation. I had a great week of training on my trip, but it’s gone downhill the last couple of weeks. It’s March, things will get better…won’t they?

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  7. My runfession is I am actually glad my treadmill died. (tee hee) I have access to an indoor track and that has helped a lot. It’s just too dangerous outside to run right now. The longest run inside has been 5 miles. That’s 44 times around! 🙂


  8. It’s so much worse to run inside – just feels like work doesn’t it? Running outside cannot be beat. Even if I have to run in sleet I pretty much always run outside. We are almost to Spring!


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