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Weekly wrap up and goodbyes

I had thought about skipping the weekly wrap again, but I really want to keep writing, too….so I decided to work on my weekly wrap during my lunch break today to at least get something brief out there…last week was a doozy, so bear with me.  So here it is, my weekly wrap up hosted by Holly and Tricia!  Make sure to head over and see what they are up to!



It finally became all too real that I will be without half my heart, my smile, my best friend for an entire year.

Monday: I cried in the shower so my kids wouldn’t see how upset I was. And at some point during my pity party I forgot if I had washed my hair, so I washed it quite possibly twice, just in case…No one likes greasy hair. #losingmymind

Tuesday: I realized in a panic that I forgot to call my nephew the night before to wish him a happy birthday. While yes, I had sent his present and given him his card on Sunday, I still had promised him I’d call him. And I didn’t. #allthesuck #auntiefail

Wednesday: While in the midst of a conversation about the ever so important food network and upcoming shows, My husband loudly said, “You didn’t even hear what I just said, did you?” after seeing the blank stare on my face. Nope. Sorry babe. I didn’t hear a word. I was too busy trying to wrap my brain around being without you for a year, and how on earth I’d hold it together when we say our final goodbyes for the year this upcoming Tuesday (tomorrow).

Thursday: My nanny quit. Via text. Oh, and with NO NOTICE. “DON’T YOU KNOW MY HUSBAND LEAVES ON TUESDAY???” I begged, asking for at least 2 weeks’ notice. Nope. Sorry. That night, while my 16 year old drove us to dinner in my husband’s Honda, we were discussing the infamous Jeep wave. If you drive a Jeep, you wave to all fellow Jeep drivers in passing. Don’t be that guy that doesn’t wave. So while at a stoplight I spotted a Jeep and yelled to my daughter from the backseat, “Make sure to wave!!!” Wait. We’re in a Honda. Ugh.

Friday: The hubby and I escaped to Geneva for the day, eating, shopping, and just having a couple hours of just us. That night we took the kids to see Zootopia and to dinner and it was so nice to just hang out as a family.

Us having lunch
Us having lunch
Dinner with friends
Dinner with friends
He's my smile
He’s my smile
My hero
My hero
Even time for video games, lol
Even time for video games, lol

We spent the rest of the weekend interviewing new nannies (I think we found one, fingers crossed this time she works out), and spending time with each other and some of our closest friends. My husband’s departure ceremony was on Sunday, and I was then reminded for the gazillionth time how darn proud I am of him. If you could see the way the room just is energized when my husband speaks to his soldiers, you would be in awe. It’s just awe inspiring and I get to call him my husband. Man, I am one lucky gal.


Tomorrow, he leaves and we will start the year of firsts. First phone call, first letter, first month done, etc. And I’ll be counting down the days until he returns. Please keep him and his soldiers in your prayers this upcoming year. ❤

Have you ever had a family member deployed?  What’s your favorite thing to do with your family?



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Sometimes you have to step back to move forward

I haven’t blogged in over a week.  There.  I said it. My computer is on the fritz, and to be honest I’ve needed to just unplug somewhat lately.  Less…well, is more lately.  Sometimes you just need a little support and feedback, and social media has more than disappointed me lately.  Bah.

But some key bullet points go a little like this…

We’ve remained nearly on point for our half marathon training.  We did our last super longish run on Friday night, despite the crazy rain, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings.  10 miles, done.  We will do our miles this week, and a semi-long run this weekend to keep consistency but embracing the taper.  Our race is less than 2 weeks away!

We went to Chicago last weekend to get some much needed downtime, and enjoyed some amazing food.


This afternoon my eldest texted me a photo of a note that her “friend” wrote her asking her to homecoming.  My heart was so happy for her, yet sad for me as I see my baby girl growing up into a lady…please. stop. time. But I am thankful she shared this moment, with me…


Tonight, my youngest started her first ballet class, and despite feeling very rushed after work to get home, feed the kids, get homework squeezed in, and a quick shower, (ack, holy commas) we made it to class by 6 pm.  I snuck quite a few peeks in the window, and was taken aback by my daughter’s grace.  She lacks focus, she has a hard time staying on track…but she would see me watching and all of a sudden her ‘position’ moves became seamless.  I couldn’t help but to smile behind my tears.  My parents were always too busy to put me in activities, and I find myself often in the same situation.  So making time for this one hour per week class is almost selfish for it’s for ME too…seeing her joy brings ME such joy.  It’s worth missing out on a run/workout to see her face light up.

tiny dancer

We watched Master Chef tonight…and although I may have sidelined my audition for yet another year due to financial constraints, I still get that pull to my heart watching the contestants compete each week.  Yet I know I don’t have the confidence or skill quite yet…but it’s coming.

So this year I will regroup.  Refocus.  And cook my heart out by recipe from world renowned cook books that sit on my shelf collecting dust.

I may or may not go to the casting call of Master Chef in Chicago on October 11th.  I need to dig deep.  And believe.  But I also know our family cannot sustain on one income.

Time will tell…