Sometimes you just have to start over…Snow, Sluggish miles, and Super Bowl fun

My year started out a little rocky between injury and stress levels running at an all time high.  For the first few weeks of the year I couldn’t run OR cook.  yeah…#killmenow basically was in affect.

But today, as we start the second month of the year I woke up happy, nearly rested, and ready to run.  We were hit by a terrible snow storm over night, and I am honestly just a wimp as I’ve aged with running outside in bitter temps/wind/crazy conditions.  It was snowing…SIDEWAYS.  yeah.  I was staying INSIDE.

But as I stepped on the scale before I changed in to my running clothes my heart sank a little, and I knew it was time to start over.  Despite giving up some bad habits in the past, I’ve taken on some even worse habits of snacking at 9 pm at night which have cause my weight to go up higher than I’ve seen since the birth of my last child.  I have honestly weighed the same give or take a few lbs. for the better part of my adult life….so fighting with the scale is a new battle for me.  But…

No more.  Time to start over.

This morning I started my day with a run. Loud capris and shoes in tow…Yup…that’s how I roll.

Longest run to date this year!
Longest run to date this year!

My kids played in the snow, while I made my Detox soup for the week!

detox soup, ready for my lunches this week!
detox soup, ready for my lunches this week!
Look at those smiles!
Look at those smiles!

I researched and found a new plank challenge for beginners that I will post daily on my FB page.  Have you liked my page yet? Please look over to the right margin of my page and give me a little love!

Check it out!
Check it out!

And then, I roasted an amazing pork roast as my hubby prepared to stream the Super bowl via the internet.  YAY!

I served this with a salad of fresh greens and baked sweet potato fries.  YUM.
I served this with a salad of fresh greens and baked sweet potato fries. YUM.
Not the ideal way to watch the game, but hey!  It worked!
Not the ideal way to watch the game, but hey! It worked!

We are ending the night with the hubs plowing and shoveling, AGAIN…note the look of disdain on his face…LOL

Closing in on almost 8 inches I think?
Closing in on almost 8 inches I think?

So with all that…today I am starting over (again).  I realized that the most important thing in life that we can give, is love…I’ve fought the emotional battles of “not being enough” and it just isn’t worth it.  People will make an effort to be a part of your life-if they truly want to…and sometimes, you realize that your efforts are falling on deaf ears and you need to step back and focus on YOU.  Starting over, daily, because isn’t that what life is all about? #Movin’forward

And sometimes….most times…and always.  You need to be your own hero.

How do you overcome the negative forces in your life? Are you an all weather runner?

33 Comments on “Sometimes you just have to start over…Snow, Sluggish miles, and Super Bowl fun

  1. The negative forces are always around me BUT I refuse to allow them to take up residence in my life. I have enough going on, so quite frankly it’s a decision I make 100 times a day. I simply refuse this, those types of forces to be part of me. It’s a daily struggle but I like to think that I get better each day!


  2. I’m soooo trying your plank challenge! Love it! And good for you for jumping on the treadmill even through crappy weather. The cold would not inspire me to run in any way, shape or form! (Snow sideways?! Eek!)


  3. Beautiful post Michelle!! You are amazing and I love your zest for life! Moving Forward is such great advice!! Have a fabulous start to your week!! XOXO 🙂


  4. Oh, Michelle, the negative forces are all around me. A husband who doesn’t run…those teenage sons of…I think I keep running just to spite all that tries to bring me down! And you know I’m an all weather runner. It keeps me mentally tough. I’ll tell ya, this life is not for the wimpy.


  5. Chin up, girl! Thanks for your honesty 😉 It’s refreshing to see that other people are just as “real” as myself and that life is not always constant smiles and power workouts. And, I did make it outside for a few miles with some friends yesterday…and Bam! Down for the count (on the slippery streets) LOL. I hate the ‘mill and (sometimes foolishly) sacrifice “safety” for adventure & fresh air.


  6. I love running outdoors even when it’s cold; however, I had a pretty awful fall on the ice at the start of this Winter when I was running a ten mile course- I finished up but it was painful, so now I am sticking to the treadmill when it’s snowy outside- I don’t want to get injured! 😜

    As always, love your post! Happy Monday… It’s going to “bee” a great week! 🐝💨 xx


  7. Starting over is better then not starting at all. We’ve had so much snow too – normally I love it but it’s hard when my husband is away and I have both girls to take care of plus clear the driveway. I’m thankful for an awesome neighbour that helps me out.
    Love the capri’s and the plank challenge looks awesome!

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  8. So happy you are able to cook and run again! Just take each day, moment by moment and don’t think too far ahead about working out-eating healthy whatever. It gets overwhelming. It’s much easier to break it down into little chunks. 🙂 I don’t let negativity into my life. If people are negative, I don’t interact with them ever again- plus I don’t give a crap what others may or may not think about me. I don’t waste my precious time on folks like that. 🙂


    • Thanks, Charlyn!!!! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to do the things I love again. And I agree about the negativity…I just have to keep my guard up and not let those forces near!!!! 🙂 I am quite lucky to have such amazing positive forces in my life like you!


  9. Don’t worry – you’re not alone in the winter hate! Even once I get back to running, it will likely be on the treadmill most days because, well – I’d really rather not freeze. Glad you got to watch the Super Bowl!


  10. Well done on getting your run in. I’ve never run on a treadmill (it makes me sea sick) and would rather face the wind and rain, unless it’s horizontal that is. 😉
    I love your idea of starting over every day – definitely one to bear in mind when those negative forces start creeping in. 🙂

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  11. I am probably one of the most obnoxiously optimistic people you will ever meet. My coworkers make fun of me for it. But that’s how I deal with negativity. I’m writing my own story in life and in the end I can choose how the things around me affect me. I choose happiness.

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