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Movin’ forward, Two things this Tuesday

I have had a bit of a rough week physically.  I’m not sure if it is the weather, crazy storm fronts or lack of good sleep but I’ve just felt a bit off. My sinus cavities aren’t happy with all the weather changes, and my stomach has that “Are you two months pregnant?” look to it that means it MUST be that dreaded time of the month or I have been eating too much crap aka salt. Crap…it’s only Tuesday!

As I drove to work today on my 0.1 nano-seconds of sleep I decided to reflect on how my year has started. (In reference to the nano-second please, PLEASE tell me you know who Mork and Mindy are…).  I use my commute to think, reflect, and devise my daily plan for forward movement.  That is my mantra….right?



Firstly, I started off my year by NOT running due to my accidental idiot mistake to lop off part of my thumb.  I almost let this incident get to me, but remembered last year’s winter and decided it best to keep movin’ forward.  So last week I started running again and yeah…a month off can hurt a person’s mojo.  I can’t get my breathing straight, I hate the dreadmill, and it truly is hard to get motivated enough to get movin’ after a long day of work.  But I’ve kept at it despite not feeling 100%…and although my mileage/speed is crap, I am at least MOVIN’…right?

After work, while dinner was cooking-THIS
After work, while dinner was cooking-THIS happened…lol

Secondly, sometimes winter gets to my emotional well being.  Ok…I hate winter, more eloquently said, winter hurts…ROFL. That being said, I started to let the negative forces creep back in to my life…until I promptly kicked them to the curb.  Be gone!  People, stuff, events, you name it…I refuse to get sucked back in to it all.  So sorry if I am a bit absent from the negativity…#noroomforthatcrap #sorrynotsorry

Pic from
Pic from

Yet tonight I had SEVERAL text messages from friends both near and far that wanted to check in on me/say hi/chat.  Score. My heart was re-filled and I knew I was on the right path yet again.

photo credit, Pinterest
photo credit, Pinterest

And now, as my hubs heads off to his late night soccer game I bid you all good night, and sweet dreams.

Questions…how do you keep yourself movin’ forward during tough times, winter months etc?

❤ Michelle


28 thoughts on “Movin’ forward, Two things this Tuesday”

  1. Haha I love winter, but I feel the same way! Going for a run is so much more complicated – in the summer I can just go right out the door in my normal shoes, capris, and a tank top, but in the winter I either need multi layers of fleece and studded shoes or I need to drive all the way to the gym. It’s hard to be motivated when it’s so hard to get started! I think most of my motivation to run is from my spring half marathon. If I don’t run, I’ll feel like crap in Utah! Good luck in finding some motivation this week!

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  2. I don’t like Winter because I am forced to run on a treadmill a lot, and Winter is the time I train for Spring half marathon races which means I have to log many miles on the machine!😜

    As always, I love your post! You’re a great writer! 💛

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  3. I get the winter blues too, but running helps a lot – even if it’s a crappy run, I’m always happier knowing that I’ve got another one in the books.
    As for motivation? I just switch off my brain, get dressed by the coffee machine and focus no further than the front door step. Once I’ve done that, I figure I might as well have a bit of a run, even if it’s just a short one. 🙂


  4. I am blessed to live where winter months mostly mean just less sunshine and a bit of rain here and there. But I found with my injury (one knee moderately sprained and one with runners knee) my motivation to move forward was lacking. I made a plan, focused on the plan and keep moving. I figure my body will heal in time and the adversity from this will make me stronger overall. I read positive motivational blogs – like yours, that keeps me moving. Thank you for keeping it real and motivating me through your blogs/posts 🙂


  5. Yay! So glad you’re keeping it moving and staying positive! I’ve been feeling the bloat too because my metabolism is slowing down with this lack of cardio *sigh*. The good thing is that I made other goals for myself this year besides running so I’ve been working on my planks and handstands in the meantime!

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  6. it’s hard at times, but i try to think of it as ‘every time has a season’ and i know this has to come before the spring and new life and new hope arrive once again. as always.

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  7. Hey Michelle!!! You’re amazing and thanks for this inspirational post. You’re absolutely perfect!! Winter is definitely tough, but movin’ forward is the key. I felt the winter blues creeping into my bones a few weeks ago, but I totally reset my outlook and feel tons better now. You’re doing a fabulous job. I believe in you. XOXO


  8. I too, can cave to negative and emotional influences. I try so hard not to but part of my personality is to just suck it all up like a sponge whether I like it or not. Swimming has helped (albeit I haven’t gone a bunch) and getting on the treadmill is a fight every night I do it. But I keep remembering how proud I will be of myself when I get it done – no matter how slow I am going. You ARE on the right track!


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