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One week to go…squelcher and all…

I have been battling sickness for the entire week.  My PTO bank is nearly empty, and I have a race to run in just over one week.

So what did I do tonight, after a long day at work?

I cooked.  I washed my hands, cleared my throat, took my sinus meds, took another deep breath…and I cooked. I made my famous chicken soup, of course, because what else do you eat when you aren’t feeling well?

The recipe can be found here:

This week has been a toughy…sickness, seeing so many lose loved ones, and just in general discord lead me to write this post.

Because at the end of the day, isn’t it all about what brings us joy?

So tonight I dusted off my knives, prepared dinner with my youngest sous chef by my side, reminding myself not to be the squelcher of joy in my kids lives. Because sadly, I have found myself being a squelcher.

What is a squelcher you ask?  It’s the one who constantly nags, clean you room, get your elbows off the table, do your chores, oh, and is your homework done all on a Friday night when they should be able to let their hair down…meh, I suck sometimes.

So tonight, I shut my trap.  I let it all be.  I called my Mom, like any 41 year old woman does, and I vented, chatted, and laughed.  I listened to my kids banter.  I welcomed my husband’s kisses…and I just smiled.

This weekend I will celebrate my eldest daughter’s 15th birthday one week early.  I will rest.  And I will mentally prepare for our half marathon NEXT weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?

❤ Michelle



5 thoughts on “One week to go…squelcher and all…”

  1. Haha, the squelcher…one time I told my husband he sucks all the joy out of life and he said, “that’s me, the joy sucker”. We laughed about that for a long time….

    I’m glad you’re feeling better…and chicken soup is medicinal! Yum!



  2. Hope you’re feeling better! That bug is going around like wildfire. Everyone here has had it…except me…knock wood. Now that my 13-yo is cooking, I find myself wanting to correct her and reprimand her for being messy, etc. I’m biting my tongue. We need the joy!


  3. There’s not a lot of difference between being a squelcher and being a mom that’s training her kids for the world outside. But I totally understand why you took a night off and just enjoyed being with people you love, Hope you’re feeling well again really soon.

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