Deployment thoughts

Oops, I did it again…

I lost my smile…

One of the many reasons I have been struggling with the absence of my husband, is that he makes me smile, daily.  The very presence of him, calms me, motivates me, inspires me, etc.  When I say, he is my person…he really IS. I don’t have a female “Bestie” or “BFF” like most women do.  Sure, I have girl friends but they’ve all got their lives and their friends that they are much closer with so without my husband, I get pretty lonely to say the least.

I was having lunch with my sister on Friday and we were talking about how when my husband talks to his soldiers, the room instantly lights up and you can FEEL how they respond to him.  The inspiration in the air is tangible. He is a TRUE leader.  He is where he is meant to be in life.  And then it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks.  He does all that for our family too.  For the last 5 weeks, you can feel the void left in the house so strongly that sometimes I dread going home after work.

And that sucks.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because I am tired of these sad, Debbie downer sad posts, I am going to make a list of things that make me smile.  Because I need to find my smile again.  My kids need me to find it, too.

SnapChat.  I made an account a while back, but didn’t understand the purpose of this app.  I mean, are you supposed to take selfies of yourself over and over and send them to people? I don’t like pictures of myself, so there’s that, too.  So after last week’s YUCK fest I invited my teen to join me for my youngest daughter’s dance class.  We had a little fun with SnapChat and by the end of the 1 1/2 hours we were laughing so hard tears were pouring down our faces.

Cute, right?
Like my facial expression? ROFL!!!

My sister.  Last week I wanted to literally hole myself up and just forget the world.  But she won’t let me, and for that I am forever grateful.  She lets me be me, with all my faults and is there for me always. She had my kids spend the weekend with her because 1. I am working all weekend again and that sucks for the kids, and 2. They sure could use a break from reality for a couple days.  #sistering


Seeing my husband’s face.  I’ve asked him to try and send pictures when he can.  Yesterday while I was working, I got this picture to brighten my day.


Support. Between my Mom and my sister checking on me several times each week, to one of the Army wives who texts me every day, along with my friend Andrea who also texts me every night (for the last 5 weeks nearly!!!) “NNT” which has always been our thing (Night Night Termite) when we talk, I feel so very blessed.  AND, I came home last Tuesday from work to find my neighbor had mowed my lawn!  How awesome is that?While I may not have a female “BFF” I do have a lot of people who make the time to show they care.

That’s love right there, LOL!!! ❤

Running!  Of course!  I ran twice last week, and am hoping to get a few miles in tomorrow since it’s my day off!  I have concluded that I don’t like the Brooks Launch 3’s as much as the 2’s.  The toe box is just a little different, and they don’t have that same airy feel.

Doesn't everyone lounge around the house in their old marathon running shoes?
Doesn’t everyone lounge around the house in their old marathon running shoes?

With that, I bid you all a happy weekend!  Tell me something that makes YOU smile?!  Ready, GO!

Cheers! ❤