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Marathons and Child birth

Two of the hardest and best accomplishments of my life, were definitely running a full marathon (x2), and childbirth (x2).
Here is how I think I looked during my first marathon…lol
I celebrate the later of these two accomplishments today, as we celebrate the 8th birthday of my youngest daughter.
Let me back track almost 15 years, to the birth of my first daughter.  The pregnancy was difficult, I had several miscarriages, my then marriage SUCKED, and I felt completely isolated and alone living far away from my immediate family.  Childbirth was difficult but my Mom drove out to be with me thankfully.  Despite my love for my first born, immediately I swore…I’d NEVER. EVER.  have more kids.  My body wasn’t made for this, and this one little gift from God was mine, and I couldn’t want for anything more…
Fast forward almost 4 years, and I met the love of my life who not only loved me, but my daughter as well.  A year later we were married, and a year after that we decided to try and have a baby.  Within the first month I was pregnant, and nearly just as quickly I lost the baby.  I wasn’t sure I could do this again…but we didn’t give up, and mid fall of 2005 we found out we were going to have a baby.
My pregnancy went without a hitch or hiccup.  I was healthy as a horse (and nearly as big as one too) and worked up until my due date.  Little Miss Sophia was almost a week late, deciding she would do things on HER time.  (And that hasn’t changed a bit, lol).  August 5th, 2006 my beautiful princess was born.
This post is dedicated to my daughters…may YOU never feel less then AMAZING-every-single-day.  For your sense of wonder, inner beauty, passion for life and quirky personalities amaze ME every-single-day!!!  Never, ever let the system squash your spirit!!!  At the end of the day, it’s the effort you put forth in life that reaps the benefits.  Be it in running, goals, parenting, careers, or relationships…it is ALWAYS worth it in the end.
Let there be cake...oh, and ice cream!
Let there be cake…oh, and ice cream!