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Tuesday Triumphs and talks

I tell ya what…I was a little nervous about tonight’s run. It was a sunny 80 degree evening and I’d eaten dinner just 30 minutes before heading out. The first mile my legs were pretty heavy but then magic happened and I felt great. The heat and sun made it harder but I wouldn’t have traded a single mile. I also hit my fastest mile this year of 9:32!! Two months ago I never would’ve thought I could run like this again. I definitely give a lot of credit to Novorenew for this. My joints have never felt better and my recovery time is cut in half. Click HERE and use Michelle25 to save 25% off of your order.


I even managed to negative split my run, and had a car not flown past me that last .1 was at 8:55!! Keep in mind my short runs from back in 2015 were always 9:00-9:30 so this is a huge victory. I finally am starting to feel like my old self again, and I am so thankful for Novo Renew and its amazing all natural effects its given me not only for joint relief but quicker recovery. Click the links above if you are interested.

Why do you run? What’s your favorite distance? Happy Tuesday!



17 thoughts on “Tuesday Triumphs and talks”

  1. You are definitely making it sound like this is something I need. Not sure if my joints hurt because I have been slacking for several months or because I am getting old

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      1. Thanks so much!!! I’d appreciate that greatly. I think I told you, my 70 year old Dad takes it and he’s had knee and hip replacements and it’s helped him a lot. He’s now NSAIDS free with makes his liver (and doctor) happy!!!


  2. It took me a lot of years after a bad IT episode to get back to faster times — for me, of course. I’m happy that you’ve found something that works for you.

    80 & dinner 30 minutes before probably would never have worked for me, LOL!

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  3. I run because it’s my guaranteed ‘me’ time. Time to clear my mind, think and relax. It’s a bit hilly here (that’s my excuse) with a 1in 3 climb at the end. I now tend to do a 7k run. I’m not so focused on times now. If I’m feeling in good form will take a weighted backpack out rather than go for a quick time.


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