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Wednesday’s Thankful #6

Ok guys, I am not going to lie. I am going to have to dig deep to not be a little repetitive in my thankful post today, because I am having a bit of a struggle compiling my list. Sunshine and my dog are a given. Today was a rough day at work, and I’ll simple put between instrumentation and staffing issues this year, I snapped. I snapped at doctors, snapped at coworkers, hell I even snapped at myself for snapping and quickly apologized to the victims of my snaps, LOL.


My thankful post for today:

  1. My ability to still run off the stress of a bad day even when my legs feel heavier than the sandbags I filled for Hurricane Irma (click link to check out my first month of adventures in FL) back in 2017!!!! I’m in week 9 (having missed 3 weeks due to bronchitis) of training so I can’t quit now!
  2. My husband, who on days like today is extra sweet, extra supportive, and even had dinner ready when I got home from my run.
  3. The fact that my daughters come to me with their problems. The fact they feel I am a “safe zone” shows me I’ve at least done something right despite the struggle of the preteen/teen years.
  4. The roof over my head, and food on the table. I often find myself for wanting more, when really I have all that I need.
  5. HUMP DAY! We’re almost to Friday, y’all!!!


What are you thankful for today? Do you have a favorite day of the week?



10 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Thankful #6”

  1. The ability to be thankful even in the event of trials is truly a blessing. I find changing my mindset is the first step to finding peace in which ever situation I find myself. I see you are exercising & eating healthy so I’m sure things will turn around soon. Hang in there!!!

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  2. Rough day #2 at work for me too. We’re getting there. I’m thankful for my family, my home, and being able to get out and walk. Oh, and a plank today too. Xoxo

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  3. Sending you hugs from MD!
    I hope your day has gotten a little better.
    Thankful for my kiddies. They keep me grounded and sane.
    I dont know if I have a favorite day of the week….hmmmm gotta think about that one.

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