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Washing my face

I just finished reading the book, “Girl, wash your face,” by Rachel Hollis. I believe I mentioned it in my last post, but while the majority of the book is common sense, it really opened my eyes back up to things I’ve been ignoring. Myself, self care, self love, motherhood, relationships, and friendships.

This past weekend my dear friend from Chicago came to visit. Her niece had a swimming competition in Orlando so she asked if she could come for the weekend. I said an absolute YES!!! In the last few years I’ve really struggled riding the fair weather friend bus, so I’ve stopped trying so hard to maintain one-sided friendships/relationships. And since my departure of said bus, my life and heart seem so much lighter. That’s something I really took away from reading, “Girl, wash your face.”

But with this particular friend, I’ve never felt our friendship was one-sided. She was one of the few that didn’t get tired of me saying “no” to invitations while my husband was deployed, and instead she understood and continued to be there for me when I needed someone the most. She IS one of the few that takes (and has for the last 6 years) the time to ask how I am, and I do the same for her. Too busy? Nope. Too tired? Nope. Have too much on her plate to chat for a few minutes even if it’s just via text? Nope Nope and Nope. These types of friends are hard to come by in life. And that is why I try to always be a good friend in return. I am not always successful but I sure do try without compromising my well being.

So we spent the weekend eating, drinking wine, staying up to late talking, eating and drinking some more and even got a couple beach visits in despite the chilly temps. And while the temps were a little chilly for my new Florida blood, I can tell you my heart was warmed having a close friend in town. If I were to have one complaint about our move here, it would be the fact that we don’t have close friends or family nearby. That being said, I hope to have several visitors that are trying to escape the bitter temps up north in the near future!

Here’s a few pics from our visit. I look forward to her coming back to visit, SOON!!

Do you find it hard to maintain friendships outside of your relationship with your spouse/significant other? How do you handle these challenges?



13 thoughts on “Washing my face”

  1. Good friendsd are everything, Michelle. I’m so happy you got to spend some time with one. I definitely have the same complaint about living far away from where I come from. I think it makes seeing those friends all the more special, though.

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  3. The 1 sided friendships are draining for sure!!

    I let go a few and let me tell ya….SO MUCH HAPPIER!!! M friend group just gets smaller and small but I AM OK WITH THAT!!!
    Glad you got to spend some good time with your friend! Looks like you all had a blast!

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