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Springing forward-Weekend wrap up

As most of you know, my mantra is ‘keep movin’ forward.’  I may not always succeed in this mantra, but I start each day anew with the same goal.  To live each day to the fullest, and to live each day with positive energy.

But daylight savings time truly kicks my butt.  There.  I said it.  I honestly can’t lose ANY MORE SLEEP.  So this is a weekend I dread.  Profusely. Profoundly.  And all the other Pro words that I am probably misusing missing.

So what do you do when you dread something?  You distract yourself, of course.  I spent the weekend shopping, eating, spending time with my daughters, and today I got my hair done!!! WOOP WOOP! I also scored some new shoes for work, as well as a few shirts to welcome spring.

Where else can you get two awesome pairs of shoes for less than 50 bucks!  Thanks, TJ Maxx!
Where else can you get two awesome pairs of shoes for less than 50 bucks! Thanks, TJ Maxx!

My 8 year old got her ears pierced Friday….and is still smiling.  I swear my face hurts from smiling because SHE is smiling so much.  Yeah, life is good.

She's still smiling.  LOL
She’s still smiling. LOL

Other than a gazillion pushups and hours of shopping, I didn’t work out Saturday…but that’s ok, I can’t feel my arms.  I made the mistake of posting this to my fb fan page.  LOL!!!


My updated hair do!  Feelin’ like a million bucks I must admit!!


Today was my sucktastic long run on the Dreadmill.  I woke up late due to daylight savings (no surprise there), and all of the groups I knew that were running were probably sipping coffee as I poured myself out of bed at 8:30 am.

So this is all I had.  And it was painful, let me tell you.

Miles are miles!
Miles are miles!

Last week I had 2 strength work outs, and 4 runs totaling 14 miles which ended the week 3 of marathon training strong. 

I finished up the day with our traditional Sunday Supper.  The hubby returned home tonight, tired, coming down with a cold and plain worn out.  I hoped this would help recharge his batteries.

Baked Cod, twice baked spaghetti squash and Brussels sprouts with bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese.  YUM!!  I’ll post the recipe soon!

Bacon makes everything better!!!
Bacon makes everything better!!!
Sunday Supper!
Sunday Supper!


How was your weekend?  Did you get any miles logged?  What’s your favorite “re-charge” food?

Have a great week, y’all!


❤ Michelle

40 thoughts on “Springing forward-Weekend wrap up”

  1. Shopping is working out if you ask me. You are on your feet and can walk miles. And carrying your purchases around can be a great upper body workout.


  2. Logged on 8 miles today, on hills, and it snowed. At least it was above freezing.
    Your picture of your daughter made me smile. I too was 8 years when I got my ears
    pierced, 47 years ago. It was all my mother’s idea. I was not smiling then, but I
    never regretted it either. I like “sparkles” in my ears now.


  3. That’s so cute how excited your daughter was! I also ran 6 miles, but luckily I was able to do it outside. I am super intrigued by twice baked spaghetti – I want to see that recipe!


  4. Awwww love the pic of your daughter!! So sweet!! 🙂 Also, great job on your runs and fabulous shoes!! So cutie! Great job on the push-ups, too!! Hope you’re feeling your arms today!! Hehe! Have a wonderful week! XOXO


  5. Great long run! You’re doing fantastic with your training 🙂
    I am drooling over those bacon-wrapped goat-cheese stuffed dates right now. That’s going on my list of things to try making!


    1. OMG they are so easy. Cut your bacon strips in half, and at the top half of the slice put a 1/3 teaspoon of goat cheese, then press the date on the cheese and wrap it up tight. Secure with a tooth pick and bake them at 350 for about 25 minutes until the bacon is golden brown!

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  6. I got in 6 miles on Saturday then nothing but took the dogs for 4 walks because it was so gorgeous outside! Nothing on my to do list got done!
    Your food looks yummy! Can’t wait to see the recipes. Great job!


  7. That dinner looks delicious, Michelle! And I love the FB pushup challenge. What a great idea! My only fear would be that my FB friends would like it over 100 times. Yikes!

    My weekend was great. I ran for the first time in a month and didn’t experience my hip flexor pain. Yessss!!! 🙂


  8. Looks like a yummy weekend. and awe, isn’t it awesome that seeing your kid happy makes you so happy.? 🙂
    My favorite recharge, is coffee. lol


  9. AWESOME run and yummy food!! I can’t believe you posted that pushup challenge to your page, you brave woman!! 😀 Your daughter is so adorable. I got my ears pierced when I was her age and I still remember it being such a fun time…my mom took me out for a day of shopping and lunch and to get it done. Good memories. 😀


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