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A new year….

I don’t like to look back, too much…yet sometimes I find it soothing to look back on where I once was, and find where I now am is pretty darn incredible.

Today is the first day of 2014, and sadly I woke up to a completely stuffed up nose, and foggy head. I could say it was due to too many drinks last night, but I partied “smart” drinking water in between each of my four cocktails.
But sometimes, working too hard and sleeping too little tends to catch up with the body and eventually that strong body, breaks down. I missed my group run this morning, even after waking up on time as I knew I needed some extra rest.
But the missed run won’t take away from my goals this year.
I don’t ‘do’ resolutions, more so I focus on goals.
So for this year…my goals are as follows.

I will WRITE, daily, if not weekly as time permits.

I will run, 3 times per week, regardless of snow, rain, or inclement weather.

I will start my half marathon training, THIS WEEKEND, and not look back.

I will run for FUN, with friends, and as often as possible.

I will focus on what I HAVE, not what I want…

I will learn more about photography and cooking, which are my two ‘other’ passions besides running.

I will sleep more. Drink more water. Smile more. And eat better.

I will lose 10 lbs, come hell or high water.

I will work on my e-book. Will it be a cook book, motivational book, or inspirational story? I’m not sure yet. But I won’t put it off another year.

Bring on 2014…I have big plans, to build my page, my passions, and my happiness. All of which will benefit my family.

And I’ll stick to this Ab challenge, DAILY!

2 thoughts on “A new year….”

  1. I hope you do write a cookbook! You have such incredible recipes. Good luck with marathon training, and I hope you feel better!


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