My first post….

Sitting near my fire, nestled quietly in my ‘corner’ (yes, they do put baby in the corner from time to time, but guess what, she may like being in her corner sometimes) I find myself looking back on 2013 with a great peaceful feeling. 

I have attacked my love for running full force, and despite injury at the end of the year I can still say I tackled my goals and gave it my all. 




I have re-discovered my love for cooking, and plan on continuing to learn, grow, and flourish as a ‘home cook’ Chef. 


Lastly, I have learned that not everyone will understand, or support our goals and dreams.  And that’s ok…For our number one fan must always be US first. 

With that, I say…find your passion…your ‘thing’…your ‘people’ and focus on what matters most. 

Family…fitness…and forward motion. 

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