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Exciting times!

I currently have a terrible head cold. You know, the kind where you feel like you are living on a cloud, but not the fluffy, white, whimsical type of cloud. No…the kind of cloud that is fog laden and makes your head feel like it weighs more than a ton of bricks.

Yup…that kind.

With that said, I still have managed to work nearly the entire holiday ‘break’ despite looking a bit like Rudolph from blowing my nose so many times.
I did manage to get my AB challenge done, and was satisfied with that despite wishing I was outside running in the newly fallen snow.

Regardless, I promised myself I would write more with the New Year, so here I am…aimlessly writing about a whole lot of nothing.

With all that, I pray for quick healing so I can rock the Polar Dash 10K with my friends next weekend. No matter what, we will look cute in our tutus and penguin hats.

My holiday decorations are nearly put away, and my weekend will be that of organizing and cleaning as I ready myself for a new year full of adventures.

My cook book project will start THIS weekend, and I have the hubby on board in researching starting our, wait for it, very own RESTAURANT. Those that know me, know this is my dream. He’s studying the business side, as am I, as well as we plan to research American cuisine paired with regional wines. Just. wait.

My running will continue, but I plan on holding back to the half marathon distance so I can have time for my family, and ME. The last two years of full AND part time work, along with marathon training taught me that I can ONLY DO so much. And although I love the 26.2 distance, I have found it almost silly to try and do with all I have on my plate. I just can’t give it my ALL again a third year in a row, so stay tuned for some rockin’ half marathons.

With that, I bid you all a wonderful evening. May your hearts be full, the wind at your back, and wonderful food on your plate.

8 thoughts on “Exciting times!”

  1. Not sure if my other comment went through or not so sorry for the duplication if it did. I was just saying how excited I am for you and your new adventure!


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