My place of peace

Thanks to everyone for your amazing love and support during this tough time. I’ve truly turned a new leaf and although am still overcome with sadness, I finally feel like I can maybe. Just maybe…get through this next year and a half. Although my husband hasn’t left yet, his spare time is spent preparing, and sadly worrying. We’ve both had our fair share of sleepless nights. So last night I revisited one of my favorite trails where I run, and it was there I found a little peace. 

And as I rounded this corner at mile 2 of my 4 mile run, I forgot for a moment that I was running. I forgot all my worries. And I was smiling from ear to ear. 

The sun was setting, I was chasing daylight, and I was smiling. It’s days like these I realize I must hang on tight to during the next year and a half. 

Where’s your place of peace? How do you find the good in a bad situation?

Have a great night!!


Grandma's Marathon

Mid week randomness

It’s time for my mid week check in…here are some random thoughts, in no particular order of relevance.

It’s the final countdown! This week it finally hit me after opening up my own site that the marathon is in 10 days.  But this year my training has been a bit different.  I LOVE that I have gone in to this training, and maintained WHILE training, the premise that this marathon is PURELY FOR FUN. WHAT, you say?  I am not trying to go all out like a cheetah and break mad PR’s and qualify for Boston?

Nope…This run is all about getting away with my sister, running our race strong, yet having as much fun as possible.  We never get a chance to spend time together, just US, so needless to say I am stoked.

With that, I haven’t been stressed this year in regards to pace, because I know I can complete the distance.  I’ve done it twice before, along with several 19/20 mile training runs so I am not nervous in the least that I will finish.  SOOOO…the next 10 days will be filled more with planning, because this is an out of town race, and the farthest I’ve traveled to run a race before.

How will I prepare?

Making lists of course!  I’ve already started!!!

One thing I DO stress over, is forgetting something.  Making lists are a GREAT way to alleviate this problem.  I am a runner that is dedicated to routine.  In making my list, I went through my morning routine for long runs/races in my head, and jotted down everything I’d need.  This helps keep packing/race morning stress free!!!  Which in turn leads to more FUN!!!!


Diet update!!! If you read Monday’s post, you saw that I started the Military diet.  I am now on Day 3, and down 3 lbs.  WINNING.  Tomorrow I can to go back to regular eating, but I think I will keep my breakfast and lunch the same so I can eat a nice dinner with my family at night.  I’ll continue this plan, 3 days each week though, in hopes to lose the final 5 lbs.  This plan was tough, but well worth it.  And I even cheated at lunch today with Egg Drop soup (which thankfully has less than 100 calories, but quite a bit of sodium), but have also been drinking a LOT of water which seems to counter any missteps I may have taken…Tips for those who want to try the plan: Drink A LOT of water.  You WILL feel hungry.  When it doubt, drink more water.  I added cucumber and lemon to my water which seemed to help curb my appetite.  Also, check out the site (see link to Monday’s post) for substitutions to foods you aren’t a fan of.  For example, I am not a fan of hotdogs, so had a couple ounces of salmon instead that equated to the same amount of calories.  Winning!!!  I still have a way to go, but am happy to finally start seeing progress.

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Moving Forward!! If you read this post from a couple weeks ago, you’ll remember I was struggling with a few skeletons that decided to rear their ugly heads.  I am happy to report that I’ve broken that cycle before I let it drag me down, and have continued to avoid all negativity and self loathing.  My mantras: I”f it doesn’t bring me joy, I don’t participate.”  Also…”Don’t confuse my contentment with complacency.”  I am simply happy with ME and where I am going.  I’m not sure why it took me so long, but I’m on my way regardless, lol!!!!  One thing I have learned is that surrounding yourself with like minded people, helps.  A lot.  Like, a WHOLE lot.  I have preached it in the past, but to truly cut out as much negativity as you can from your life isn’t always that easy.  Cheers to moving forward!!

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How is your week going?  Have you had any success with new diets or work out programs that you’d like to share? What is YOUR mantra?

Have a great week, y’all!!! ❤