My place of peace

Thanks to everyone for your amazing love and support during this tough time. I’ve truly turned a new leaf and although am still overcome with sadness, I finally feel like I can maybe. Just maybe…get through this next year and a half. Although my husband hasn’t left yet, his spare time is spent preparing, and sadly worrying. We’ve both had our fair share of sleepless nights. So last night I revisited one of my favorite trails where I run, and it was there I found a little peace. 

And as I rounded this corner at mile 2 of my 4 mile run, I forgot for a moment that I was running. I forgot all my worries. And I was smiling from ear to ear. 

The sun was setting, I was chasing daylight, and I was smiling. It’s days like these I realize I must hang on tight to during the next year and a half. 

Where’s your place of peace? How do you find the good in a bad situation?

Have a great night!!


29 thoughts on “My place of peace”

  1. agreed on place of peace being out in nature. That trail looks PERFECT and its the type of trail I miss! All the “trails” here in SoCal are dusty and mostly just open fire roads, but when you get to the top and look out over everything…. it’s wonderful.


  2. What a gorgeous trail. Running bring me peace, even if I’m on a sidewalk with cars going by. The beauty and tranquility of your trail would make me smile too. I’m so happy you found peace and happiness on your run. Xoxo


  3. Gorgeous spot for peaceful reflection, Michelle! I’m so glad that smile is on your face. Of course the coming months won’t be easy but you have the strength to get through them. I’m here for you!


  4. I just love when fallen leaves line a trail. So beautiful! I don’t have a specific place of peace yet, but I’d love to find one!


  5. What a beautiful place for a run!! This too shall pass. I hope you can continue to find peace on your runs as they will be an important place for you over the next year!! Hugs!

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