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Stitch fix thoughts and more of course



Hey gang!!! I may have mentioned my new job once or twice…I started this week!!! It’s in the Laboratory Administration side of the lab, which is something I’ve wanted to move in to since graduating with my MBA in Healthcare management, back in 2012. I am literally pinching myself as I learn my new roles and responsibilities, and the fact my upper management believes in me this much is humbling. I pray I don’t disappoint them…

Mandatory First day selfie:



Also, I got my first Stitch Fix Box this weekend!!! A couple of the tops were on point, (the White one, and the Navy Blue one with flowers), and I LOVED the shoes, but they were a little pricey to justify so I sent them back…while I did get a promotion career wise, I did not get pay increase so I still have to watch my pennies.


Lastly, my hubby and I have had checkups finally…while we’re both in good health/good weight (give or take a few lbs.), our cholesterol levels are a bit high. BOOH…as one who’s never had any major health issues other than depression and migraines (both of which have now been controlled with exercise, diet, and all natural supplements, this was a kicker. That said, we’re going to monitor what we eat closer, and work that much harder to lose our last 5-10 lbs. Gotta love being in our mid 40’s! LOL!!

Have you suffered any health changes as you’ve aged? What is your favorite store to shop in, that is affordable?

I hope you all have a good week!!


20 thoughts on “Stitch fix thoughts and more of course”

  1. Loft is great for affordable business clothes. I don’t need those sorts of clothes, so rarely shop there any more.

    You look awesome! I personally think drs have a tendency to overreact to cholesterol, but that’s just me. I’m actually waiting til Nov for a very long overdue dr appt (earliest a new patient could be seen, I actually made the appt months ago).

    Everything from Stitch Fix looks super cute (but then, it always does!).

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  2. Thank you for the update Michelle. Sorry that I’ve been out of touch. I was traveling for nearly three weeks in July.

    I have been dealing with Type 2 Diabetes for about 4-5 years. My sugars were pushing my borderline cholesterol upward as well. Now at age 63, my sugars and cholesterol are under control, and I am no longer pre-diabetic. Taking meds, eating healthy (I track the carbs I eat), and regular exercise have been part of a new, healthy lifestyle.

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